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  1. Windscreen Washer Pump

    Thanks for the info guys I'll have a go at it tomorrow weather permitting
  2. Windscreen Washer Pump

    Can anyone tell me which fuse isolates the front windscreen washer pump on a 03 2.0 petrol rav. I cannot find any reference to it in the owners manual or Haine's bible. The pump is dead and I want to check the fuse first as a matter of illimination.. Cheers Mick.
  3. Rav 4.3 Mpg?

    Hi JonJo......All I can say is that on a 45 mile trip to work which is all motorway or duel carriageway and keeping to 60-70 mph my 2.2 4D4 XT3 will return 55-60 MPG computer indicated, this is far superior to the 2Ltr 4D4 GX I had. Obviously a heavier right foot would reduce this figure... :)
  4. Problem With Starting Rav 4 After Long Journey

    Hello Paul....my 02 4d4 did the same thing, started ok from cold but wouldn't start when hot with the same symptoms as yours battery ok but sounding flat. I changed the starter but used one from a salvage yard which was ok to begin with but ended up with same problem. Local Toyota dealer also said it was the starter at fault. Rgds Mick
  5. Im Confused....

    Hi Redross...My XT3 was first registered in June 08 and has the spare on the tailgate and roof rails, these were reasons for me opting for the XT3 rather than an XTR. I think losing its rear mounted spare and no roof rails it has lost its ' Safari' looks. Just my opinion.
  6. Tuning Kit Rav 4 D4D 2004

    Hi there you only have to remove the black plastic shroud on top of the engine it is held on by 4/5 dome headed nuts.... ....mickboy
  7. Auto Lights On 2009 Rav

    To quote the handbook 'When the headlight switch is in the AUTO position and the drivers door is opened with the engined turned off, the headlights turn off automatically...hope this is helpful.....Mick
  8. 2 Ravs And Oil Px

    Have just recently traded our Celica in for a Rav 2L Xt3 3 door, its low mileage and is great to drive.Its now a companion for my 4d4 GX which is soon to be updated as it has now done 150000 miles and has cost a bit this year in spares. The oil px light had been flashing on and off or would take a few seconds to go off when starting and then take a few seconds to come when engine switched off . Eventually found cause to be the gauze filter on the oil pick up pipe in the sump was blocked with carbon despite frequent oil changes. I had to renew 2 pistons, big end shells and the turbo. Talking to people in the trade it is not so uncommon as you might think so dont stretch the mileage between oil changes and use an engine flush especially on diesels. Keep on taking the tablets Mick
  9. Loss Of Power, Another One!

    Hello Weecorey.....Does sound like a typical SCV problem. As you say Kingo will supply the kit at £230ish (I think). Changing them is relatively straight forward, they are colour coded and retained by two cap headed bolts.Access is at the front of the of the engine, there are a few pics on this forum showing their position....best of luck Mick
  10. 2004 Diesel Timing Belt Change - When?

    Hi there had my cambelt changed by Toyota last month at a total cost of £345, first time I have ever paid someone to to do it.. Rgds Mick. :(
  11. New Forum Design

    Bit of a shock, thought it was a bit confusing at first but now the same as anything else thats new after a while have got used to it
  12. D4d Obdii

    Hello guys.....Just to add to all the confusion I have had similar problems with turbo operation on my 4.2 4D4 where the turbo would cut out and only way to it get going again was to take the electrical connector off the vsv and then refit it while the engine ticked over, or switch off and then restart, this reinstated the turbo. I also checked the vsv as per the manual and got leakage as described. I bought a new one (courtersy of Kingo) about 3 months ago but checking it before I fitted it found that it was exactly the same as far the leakage test went but I fitted it anyway, the fault has occured a couple times since. I assume the vsv is a solenoid operated valve and as I never throw anything away I'll have a look at its insides, maybe WD 40 will cure it...... ;)
  13. This B****y Country

    Well said ....this country is being paralysed by The Health and Safety Organisation and unfortunately local councils etc are the biggest instigaters. Unless there is a backlash against this and the PC brigade then this country wont be worth living in in a few years time.. Keep taking the tablets.......................Mick
  14. D4d Engine Fault

    Hello Big Bird.. For what its worth I've had a similar problem with my 02 Rav 4D4 for months where I would be bombing along at +60mph then having to slow by slightly lifting the pedal only to find that when reapplying the throttle all power had gone. I have traced this to the turbo shutting down, no EML on. I would then pull over stop the engine and restart it would then be back to normal. Then I decided to leave the engine running when it happened again and just pull the plugs off the turbo control sensor and vacuum controls this also reset it back to normal. Doing this narrowed it down to the VCV which I replaced a month or two ago it has happened only once since then. The only thing now in the turbo control system that I have'nt replaced is the turbo pressure sensor... Hope this might be helpful Rgds Mick
  15. Egr Removal?

    Hi lloydp...the item arrowed in your second picture is the Vacuum Pump, the EGR is fwd of this more or less under he E-VRV. The access to it is not too good but would be improved by removing the Air Filter Housing Assy. It has an electrical connection and 2 hoses connected to it..... Rgds Mick. :)