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  1. never mind. found out it's called the engine diagnostic test. thanx anyway.
  2. hi, my sister's car appears to be 'dragging' recently. my friend's brother/mechanic says there is something wrong with the transmission or parts of the engine. he says there's a test that can be done to figure out what's wrong with the car. unfortunately, he doesn't have the equipment on site. he referred her to another place but they have no idea what she's talking about. anyone have clue as to what this 'test' is called?
  3. i have a 92 camry. think my low beams have gone out. i'm not very car savvy but want to see if i can get it fixed myself before going to the mechanic. the side light is constantly on, guess that's not really a problem at this point. the head lights did not turn on when i turned on the low beams, although the side light did get slightly brighter (though not so much that it would help). the headlights did turn on when i switched to the high beam so i guess it's not the lightbulbs (or is it?). usually i never pay attention but i notice that i had difficulty seeing the road this morning. was working fine yesterday though. could it be the fuse? i know this sounds a bit spazstic but any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. i recently purchased a 92 camry. it doesn't have working reverse lights. at first we thought the lightbulbs needed to be changed. even after replacing the bulbs, there's still no reverse light. a friend thought it might have shorted out or something (even though the other lights in the back seems to be working fine). in any case, we checked the fuse box under the hood, and didn't see anything indicative of the rear lights. can anyone tell me if the fuse box for that particular section of the car is located elsewhere? or is something else the root of my problems? please advise.
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