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  1. Thanks John, The rear brake pads and callipers have never been checked(never flagged up on the MOT or Service) and if memory serves, have been changed once in the last 7 years if I not mistaken. I did take the car in for a transmission oil change 4 months ago to Mr T. The visual inspection came back all green.
  2. Thanks Sooty. I think that would be a one way street for my car , if they quote me a 1000£ to fix up and confirm that it does need doing, I can see my perfectly fine car going to scrap. I did an OBD scan on the car( I have two readers) and no codes were read though at that time of reading the codes,I did notice the VSC lamp was on. The VSC lamp switched off when I switched off and restarted the car. The 12V battery on my car now reads 11.9V(replaced in Jan 2017),I will check it again in the morning tomorrow. Just called Toyota, they quoted 150£ for a scan. I guess I will need to wait for it to become a permanent lamp on so that I can scan it. Does replacing the brake discs and pads have any impact on the hybrid system? Thanks, George.
  3. Hello All, Hope all of you are having a good day. I have a gen 2 prius(2008) with 110K on the clock. During the service in April this year, I got the front brake discs replaced along with the front brake pads. 100 miles after the service I started hearing a screeching sound when turning right. The mechanic diagnosed it as the driver side front brake calliper and replaced it , the screeching went away. Another 100 miles after the brake calliper change, the screeching returned and I was infomed that the cause was brake dust. The mechanic cleaned out the brake dust and the screech went away. However, on starting the car everyday morning, I notice a screech when using the brakes as reversing into the main road. This goes away after the first 1 minute. Today, in the morning(the first time I took the car out), the brake-screech went away, but about 100 meters away the brake lamp lit up on the dashboard. When it came on I heard a beep. I switched off the car and put the foot-hand? brake down and up. The brake lamp remained lit up on the dashboard. I was driving my kid to school, so continued driving. 200 meters later, the VSC lamp and some other lamps came on and I lost braking. Thankfully I was driving very slow and stopped at the kerb. I had to use all my strength to press the brake down and stop the car. I switched off the car and switched it on again and the brake lamp switched off and the car drove normally. The only differrence today was the rain and the dipping temperatures? Any ideas what I should be doing next? I really dont want to cause an accident. Cheers, G.
  4. Thanks FrostyBalls, The car was serviced on the following dates: 03/11/2015 - 20 k 16/06/2016 - 27k 12/05/2017 - 36k 26/09/2017 - 43k All done at pinkstone's Mr T. The car has now done 48k miles with 1.5 years left of the warranty - though my bigger doubt is if Mr T would cough up in the case of a warranty claim. Thanks, George.
  5. Thanks Guys. I am looking at a Verso Auto from 2014 based about 100+ miles from my place. The price is good, however, it did miss the very first 10k service. The very first service it had was one year later at close to 20 k miles - looks like someone miss understood the manual. It does have full service history since then(the owner did get his facts corrected then I guess) and looks well maintained - any thoughts? Thanks, George
  6. Hello All, I am toying with the idea of getting an automatic Verso 7 seater for my wife ,I have seen some 2.2 diesels and some 1.8 petrols. The diesels I have seen have done about 95-100k miles. Do the diesels have DPF issues? The petrol ones are in the 60-70k range. Is there any specific issue I should be looking for . Do the petrol 1.8l engines still have the oil drinking issue(My VVTI Avensis used to drink 1liter every 6000 miles, after it touched 90k on the clock.)? The average mileage done per year on the car would be under 10k miles. Do the diesels have DPF issues? Any specific issues I should be looking for? After pruchase the car would be serviced in a local garage and not at Mr T. Any thoughts/feedback appreciated. Thanks, George.
  7. Hello , Thanks for responding. I did see this post. However, the post does not mention how the issue was fixed - the sensor which needed to be fixed etc. I am due to give my car for a check tommorrow to Mr T, but, Since the light switches off and on intermittently, I can only think they might give me a huge bill and ask me to get it fixed right away.
  8. Dear All, I have a 2.0 T Spirit Auto, 2007 . 2 weeks ago the engine light comes on in the dashboard and switched off and I read the code - P0556. Now it is premanently on. I bought a can bus sensor and got the following P0556- "Brake Booster Pressure Sensor Cirsuit Range/Performance" . Does anyone know how this can be rectified? Is the car driveable in this state? Thanks, George.
  9. Hello All, I just wanted to know your thoughts on an Avensis 2007 2.0 Auto burning oil , 4500 miles after servicing. I have noticed that this seems to be an issues every year for me. When the oil is new, the level remains at full - roughly 4500 miles later, it starts dipping below the full mark - about 4mm from full. Is this normal? Thanks, George.
  10. Dear All, Thanks for all the information and advice you have given. The issue was finally resolved by a differrent Mr T - they replaced both the front wheel bearings and the car is super smooth and super silent now. I was informed by this Mr T that driving on worn out bearings is dangerous, anyways, they ordered the parts in and fixed it yesterday. The car is now a dream to drive and I am so amazed that the car is so silent. Also, I should get more miles per liter now , since the movement of the car is undamped. The bad wheel bearing would pass on a slight ***** onto the steering wheel, when the failed area faces the ground. I am shocked that my previous Mr T did not mention worn bearings as a risk. Just so that I am aware, how much would replacing the 2 bearings and the labour cost in a decent Mr T. Thanks, G.
  11. Hello All, I have a 2.0 Tspirit 2 2007 reg. I have a constant issue with road noise on this car . When travelling at about 30mph it feels like one of the tyres are running flat in the back. Kwik fit did an inspection and said that since I am using budget tyres they have warped! I have 3 infinity tyres(7000 miles so far) and a goodyear efficientgrip(1000 miles). The budget brand infinitys' are about 16 months old and the goodyear about 2 months old. Last year I heard a noise (as though the bottom of my car was hitting the road ) when getting onto bumps. I took the car to Mr T. They diagnosed a bad wheel bearing etc etc on the rear right side tyre. I was given a bill of about 800£. I then revealed to them that the car was under extended warranty - Then the dealer turned around and said that my wheel was buckled and asked me 130£ to replace it , so that the rest of the work was done under warranty. They mentioned to me that they could not guarantee that the rest of the work would be done under warranrty if I did replace the wheel , as they had not inspected the bearing itself and hence it was possible that there was no issue there - this would be decided at the time of the warranty audit. The final report mentioned the rear right side tyre but with the wrong tyre make( they quoted that this side had an infinity when infact it had a goodyear). I decided not to get it done. This year they forced me to change the tyre on the same wheel since it had a small cut on the side wall and hence made the car fail the MOT(This same tyre had passed the MOT last year with the same cut in 2011, it was noticed by them in 2010 and they reported it in the service, luckily I bought the car with MOT in 2010). The fact is they DID NOT mention the wheel being "buckled" when they replaced the tyre this year.Hmmm...... Given the fact that my local Mr T seems to be trying to make a quick buck , should I believe the kwik fit guy and change the infinitys or should I change the wheel? Any advice would greatly help, Thanks, George.
  12. Hello All, Car is back from toyota after evaluation (I did the 1000 mile run and returned back to the dealer ). They have mentioned that no oil is burnt.So I guess the difference I was seeing was down to the age of the oil.
  13. Hello All, Just my 2 pence about shifting from the older model to the newer model bumper. A Taxi I see in a cab stand near me had this done ;the bonnet has a little extra gap from the bumper and that is awkward, I would think that it looks better with the original bumper and no gaps. I thought that the bumper was fitted back after falling off, but the side mirrors not having the led lights made me sure it was a facelift attempt.
  14. Thanks for your reply acetip. It is on level ground. I just checked the manual and it says that I should check it while its warm. From what I see - when the car is ice cold , the oil is thick brown and when it has remained in circulation for sometime it loosens up and I think that has something to do maybe?
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