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  1. Apologise if this is the wrong section but have a pair of roof bars for sale; Genuine Toyota Roof Rack Cross Bars Avensis 01/03 - 11/08 - PZ403-T5622-00. Used for a few holiday trips so used but not abused. , would like £50 for them, can post for £5. , comes with 2 keys. Think they are made by Thule, ie are wing type bars, easy to fit and do take the Thule bike racks, been great to us. Pls pm me or txt on 07977 281401
  2. 16" steel rims (Toyota original) with Vredstein Snowtrac 205/55 R16 91H, was on my Avensis 2.2D (55), run for 2 winters, fronts 4mm, rear 6mm. Great grip in snow and good on tarmac too, well rated in many tests. Please note that this is for the 2.2 and will not fit a 1.8/2D . I believe that this rim fit the latest model too but suggest that you ask Mr T to be sure. Would like £200 for the full set, can post by UPS for £20. Located in the Scottish Borders, 1.2 Newcastle, 1hr Carlisle, 1hr Edinburgh. Can supply more images, just pm me with you email address.
  3. No-one with a dog or wants to protect passengers from flying objects ??? Need to shift this so make me an offer or it'll go to the scrapyard. A Mr T original part so won't let you doen. Had it fitted 24/7/365 to my car so works a treat. Going cheap to anyone offering a reasonable price. Can ship anywhere in the UK for £6 by UPS. Same with winter tyres/rims I have on offer, can shipe each for £6 anywhere in the UK (mainland).
  4. No-one interested in winter tyres and rims for a 2.2D ??? Will consider ANY offer (ok not £4 but any reasonable offer...) rims are Mr T cost about £75/corner and rubber on wheels are Vredstein Snowtrac 3. Going cheaply to anyone wanting winter safety.
  5. Got a black Dog Guard (or luggage guard if you have no dog.... ;-) ) for sale, was on my 55 plate Estate, not sure if it fit latest model. Very easy to fit, obviously used but in excellent condition. Happy to ship anywhere in the UK, will consider any offers, just email me : peter@lochcarron.com
  6. sold but tyres and dog guard still for sale, make me an offer
  7. Got a set of steel rims for Avensis 2.2D (55plate) with Vredstein Snowtrac 3 winter tyres on them. One pair getting a bit worn, other set fine, worn pair will do fine for the coming winter without having to change them. Remember that these rims only fit the 2.2D cars. Amazing grip in the snow. Rims are 2 winters old, done about 8K on them in total. Any offers considered, just pm me.
  8. I have the follwoing for sale: Avensis Estate 2.2 diesel T4 , 6 speed manual, Black Metallic, 55 plate (nov) 96K, no need to introduce you to this car, easlity get 40+ loacle driving and well into 50's when on a long run. Full Mr T service history Still under Mr T warranty which I believe is transferable to new owner, this runs til Nov 2014 and cost 35odd/month. Needless to say it a good runner Has a single electric tow bar as I have been towing a small trailer for our annual camping trip and to the tip. Has a T dog guard and a rubber mat in boot so all clean Had Brodit phone fixings in 2 pl
  9. Ta, back to Mr T then as car is still under extended warranty.
  10. I have problems with My rear washer only ie the front works fine. Have run the pump and see no leakage under the car. Any suggestions where to start looking as to locate the problem?
  11. Cheers Steve, have been in a VW auto aswell (Audi actually which is same thing) whats fuel like for the auto?
  12. I have a 55 2.2D T4 manual estate and have overall been happy with the car, local Mr T very agrreable to deal with. Milage now 88K and am thinking about another nearly new car with same engine as I like the extra oomph. I quite fancy an autobox as I am getting lazier and have driven a few at work of late (non Toyota) and really like notnhaving to change gears manually. Do mainly local driving apart from long trip annually to France towing a small trailer with camping gear. annual milage about 10-11K. Any thoughts on the auto box in the 2.2 would be appreciated.
  13. Thanks, Spoke to garage y-day, they reckon injector gone so are working on assumption that it'll have to be changed along with relevant bits. Will know more in the week.
  14. Hi, Car has been starting a bit badly of late (have had to crank it 2-3 times) not happened all the time but usually when damp. Anyway took it to work the other day only to find it misfiring when accelerating. No warning light on at all so called Mr T who suggested injector cleaning as it could be dodgy fuel. Drove towards local Halfords but had to stop as I felt a burning smell, lifted the bonnet (should have done that earlier..)and could see signs of oilsplatter. Parked the car and called the AA and then had a good look. Looks like injector seal has popped out on one cyl. ( the furthest left
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