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  1. The engine starts, but runs a bit "lumpy", like a cold start with no choke. After a minute or less, it stalls. I can rev the engine with the accelerator, but I can't drive it - as soon as I put it in gear and let out the clutch it stalls. The fuel pump seems to be working OK, if I slacken off the banjo on top of the bracket fuel pumps out! Any other ideas apart from the fuel filter, I'd like to try something else first as this seems like a heck of a job to replace? What about the (automatic?) choke itself? Seems a bit too much of a coincidence, but you never know!
  2. Thanks, I'll try that. Daft question - where exactly is it?! I thought it more likely that the problem was around the pump / bracket because of the work I've just done. Petrol ran low though, so maybe it's pulled in some of the crap from the bottom of the tank?
  3. I've just replaced the fuel pump bracket and a rusted fuel pipe on my 96 Rav4. I went for a quick spin last night, and it seemed to run OK. Now it starts, but dies when I try to drive it, as if the pump's faulty. I'd just like to know if I've missed something before I take it all apart again! Could there be air in the system, and can it be bled through? Or is there something else I've missed?
  4. Thanks for your reply, I did look at that, but it seems to be for U.S. models and a bit later, so I'm not sure if they're the same calipers. Just want to make sure, I don't want to break anything!
  5. Can anyone tell me the torque settings for the caliper mounting bolts? I know I've seen this in the forum before, but can't find it now! (1994 Rav4) Cheers, watty
  6. Thanks all for your help! Last night I managed to stop when it overheated, chacked under the bonnet, and the fan wasn't turning, so I think that's probably where the problem lies. I DO live in Scotland - sunny Ayrshire! Think I'll manage, but your offer's much appreciated!
  7. wattfield


    My 1994 Rav has been overheating - the heater air doesn't warm up for a long time, then the engine overheats. Once the temperature gets almost into the red, it starts to cool down again. I'm not sure if the fans coming on when it's meant to; I tried to test this but the engine wouldn't get up to temperature while stationary. My other thought is that the thermostats faulty. How do I figure out which is faulty? Cheers, Watty
  8. The clutch on my 94 Rav4 is beginning to slip :o Is it likely that a new clutch will be needed, or is there something else I could check? If some of the prices on the forum are correct, it could cost close to the value of the car to fix! It's only done this 2 or 3 times in the last couple of weeks. Could the clutch slip due to extremely cold weather? (Grasping at straws...........?!) Anyone want to buy a Rav with a slippy clutch??
  9. It's OK, I found them on another thread! Why don't Haynes make a manual for the Rav4????
  10. Can you tell me the torque settings for the caliper bolts and carrier bolts please? Thanks!
  11. I can get the torque for the caliper mountings - the discs of course are held on when you bolt up the wheel. Theres a selection of discs for the 94 RAV ranging from oem stuff thru to EBC; rotordisc and others. Also have found good cheap discs on ebay. Why would you want to know caliper torque - is it for the sliding bolt thingy? If so then thats not too much. Replacement of brake pipes is a simple matter of following the route of the old ones. Can't remember if they disappear under the petrol tank. Check the calipers for operation - ie are they freeing off or sticking on?? I found on one of my 94 RAVs that the calipers were sticking on and ruining the disc. If you're around Glasgow I can recommend a few suppliers. Thanks, I'd be vey grateful if you could tell me those torque figures, for the caliper mounting bolts, and for the bolts holding the bit you remove to change the pads (whatever it's callled!). Cheers, Watty
  12. Thanks for your replies. I saw discs and pads for sale on eBay, for a good price, but when I googled the name of the company found they had been succesfully sued for selling substandard parts - as you say, brakes are important, so I didn't buy them. I phoned round a few motor factors, and found discs for £20 + vat at GMK autoparts in Dalry. Haven't started work yet, the discs will be in tomorrow!
  13. Does anyone have a decent used offside headlamp for a 1994 rav4?
  14. I have a 1994 Rav4 GX which failed the mot on front discs, and front-to-rear brake pipes. As there seems to be no owners manual for the car, I have a couple of questions.. 1 - Does anyone know torque figures for front discs and calipers 2 - I can get brake pipes made up, is there anything I should know before removing the old ones and replacing them, like what route they take and if anything else needs to be removed to gain acess to bolts, clips etc? Thanks in advance!