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  1. sproutdreamer

    Success with Techstream?

    Hi Bought a new cable Minin VCI TIS supposed to be compatible with Techstream. When I try and connect I get a "cannot connect to VIM" although it looks as if the Techstream is functioning. So a connectivity problem- when I do a cable check there is no connectivity. I normally have patience sorting computer problems but this is driving me crazy!
  2. sproutdreamer

    Success with Techstream?

    Thanks for all the good info and taking the time to find links to old posts covering this. All good stuff. I am making a start by getting a new Mini VCi cable-I have been using one about 10 years old that works with the very basicEasy OBD11. I just assumed that being OBD11 it would be ok. The Techstream now is loaded but not communicating with the car socket. When I run the cable check in Techstream it does not see any of the connections on the OBD11 plug in the 04 Yaris(french made ) or in my 08 Avensis.. Next step is to try the new cable. I will keeep you posted as it is always interesting to hear outcomes!
  3. sproutdreamer

    Success with Techstream?

    I have this annoying internittent ABS fault light an our 04 Yaris. It can do fine for days and then the ABS light comes on. It may stay on and then go off or on stopping and restarting it is then ok for a while. I am loath to take it to a garage and pay £60 for diagnostics as it probably will not show if the fault is not current when they are diagnosing. However the test is due soon and I need to sort it before then. I have tried to put Techstream on my laptop as my basic OBD11 software (EasyOBD which is very good) does not show ABS and even their Premium Version does not do ABS faults. Anyway I bought a version off e bay and after entering software keys took me through to payment screen with various payment from annual at 300 euros and lesser payments for shorter periods(which is no good as I may wait several days for it to re-appear). I am still trying to get my money back on this! So tried a different seller and this seemed to load ok but there semed to be a connectivity problem with my OBD11 lead. When I come back to sort that out (I thought I had not perhaps downloaded the correct driver) the registration key would not accept. I am wondering whether it was really just a trial say i hour i.e. a scam. So I would like Techstream and I am happy to pay an affordable amout say under £60 but I am struggling to source Techstream that does not involve dodgy people and shakey software scams. Any ideas to source this?
  4. sproutdreamer

    ABS Warning Light

    Does a warning light which is on when the car is stationary indicate a wiring fault rather than a sensor problem?
  5. sproutdreamer

    Yaris Paint Codes?

    Thanks Frosty...
  6. sproutdreamer

    Yaris Paint Codes?

    Where do you find the paint code for a Yaris?
  7. sproutdreamer


    My 04 Yaris is very rusty underside and I am in the process of removing all the surface rust (happily no holes yet) , then to coat with Hammerite and then underseal and hopefully get a few more years as it is mechanicaly very good and only 45K. There seem to be very limited options for under seal Totroseal or Hammerite Underbody Seal with added Waxoyl. I am thinking the Hammeite seal as I could brush on the easy areas and suspension arms and then use a spray of the same stuff for bits hard to access. My question is how does the Hammerite underbody seal dry - does it set to a hard but flexible coationg or just stay soft and perhaps sticky?
  8. sproutdreamer

    Replacing front disc splash guard

    Thanks Madas.. it looks as if the splash guard is between the disc and the hub so hopefully the large hole in the splash guard will go over the hub boss so just the disc and caliper off togthe. Does that sound right?
  9. sproutdreamer

    Replacing front disc splash guard

    Hi Nearside front disc back plate/splash guard is corroded half away so even though not an advisory last test (surprised) I am inclined to replace it before this test if it is not a difficult job. I have looked in the Haynes Workshop Manual but that does not give any info. So what does replacing this cover entail?
  10. sproutdreamer

    Sourcing Toyota Parts?

    Soaking the ball joint in penetrating oil 2 days and then 50/50 penetrating oil and normal oil for 1 day seems to have freed it off ok. Just as well as despite intensive internet searches and asking the question of several large aftermarket suppliers who sell all sorts of small and obscure parts, none do an auto gear linksage.control,change "or call it what you will" cable. The selector now shows N,D.R & P lit on the dash gear selection display.
  11. sproutdreamer

    Sourcing Toyota Parts?

    I have searched e bay uk &europe, about 10 large aftermarket parts suppliers here and Europe ansd all I can find is one second hand one on e bay that looks as corroded as my own. My conclusion is that these parts just do not fail and there is no market for them -a testament to the reliability of the auto transmission system. I have soaked my ball joint end in penetrating fluid and it is still stiff but does now move. A temporary fix I think but it take a little pressure off getting another cable. It is not just the Toyota cost of £188 but I object to being ripped off over something with a real value of probably £50. I am still interested if anyone knows where I can get an aftermarket cable.
  12. sproutdreamer

    Sourcing Toyota Parts?

    I am really stuck for a sensibly priced auto gear linkage cable. There must be some out there as there are lots of manual gear change cables at around £90 and there is pair of cables for the manual transmisiion and only one for the auto box! Just a matter of finding a supplier of pattern parts for Toyotas-come on you experts.
  13. sproutdreamer

    1.6 Business edition plus

    Although I like my old 1.8 auto I would quite like the safety features available on the business edition plus models such as autonomous emergency braking, LED headlights, cornering fog lights, reversing camera etc. My problem is I want to spend as little as possible and I would like petrol. There are quite a lot of 1.6 Avensis Business Edition plus compared to 1.8 models but I note that they are only 110BHP compared to the T25 127bhp of my current car. I would like a bit more power rather than less - are the 1.6 Avensis auto a bit sluggish?
  14. sproutdreamer

    Sourcing Toyota Parts?

    I was stunned to get a price quote for a auto gear selector cable for a 1.8 2008 auto Avensis of nealy £190 from Toyota. Are there any sources of pattern spares at a more sensible price for spares like this? Ball joint at end totally seized up and despite soaking in penetrating oil will not budge so definately need a new one!
  15. sproutdreamer

    T25 Workshop Manual

    Just when I was feeling smug how well my 10 year old/80k Avensis Auto 1.8 was driving i have a gear selector problem developing. I think it is the ball joint at the gear selector on the transmission as it did it before but responded to a dose of oiling, also the N does not always show although gear & neutral select but feels a bit uncertain at the lever. Now the reverse selects ok but the reverse warning does not always come on. Has anyone a good link to an online workshop manual that covers autos (some do not). Thanks