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  1. This must have been a long standing niggle otherwise why would the previous owner have gone to the expense of having all 4 wheels tracking checked. I do not think there is any magic, quick fix only what you plan to systematically check steering joints etc. Good luck with it as it sounds a lovely low mileage Avensis. My 08 T25 auto has done 80k and is excellent apart from the poor headlights which is a well know issue.
  2. Thanks stan for taking the time to send me the diagrams which are great. Incidently where did they come from as I have a Haynes Manual and not in there!
  3. How does this come out. Will it come out to the front (small job) or is it necessary to also remove the engine cooling radiator-anyone done this?
  4. I would have a good look underside as the rust prevention can be poor on older Yaris models.
  5. I just replaced the centre section of our 04 1.3 yaris for £120 fitted by a local exhaust centre. I could have fitted it myself for £70 but it is a messy job to do yourself under the car. They switched the O2 sensor from the old exhaust. On the 1.3 the cat is a large seperate cylinder above the the exhaust that bolts up to it. I hate to think what a genuine Toyota exhaust would cost.
  6. Yes an 04 1.3 T Spirit. Overall MPG is hard tp say as we only use this as a town/shopping car and prefer the Avensis for longer trips. Average about 32 urban mpg on the Yaris with the MMT auto box which has been fine but still only 47K miles.
  7. As far as I can tell from the strange green analogue tachometer mine does 3100 rpm at 70mph on the speedo. However the road noise is pretty intrusive at 70 and 60 is a more relaxed cruising speed!
  8. Our 2004 Yaris 1.3 auto has developed a strange intermittent noise. It mostly happens when pulling away from rest and is a sort of grating or growl and seems to come from the front. It does not increase in frequency as you would expect if to do with the wheels or CV joints. I wonder whether it is a alternator bearing or perhaps an exhaust rattle as it seems to pass off when above a certain speed/revs. I did wonder about the aircon pump as the aircon radiator had a leak last year and lost fluid and whether there was a problem running that partially low on fluid (plan to replace aircon condensor when other stuff sorted). I realise this is a difficult question but has anyone some inspiration on this. I have checked all the wheels, tyres etc, under engine covers and nothing is loose .
  9. I bought a new bearing/ABS unit and at the MOT test it had an advisory as "play in bearing". I checked and there was play in the new bearing so purchased another from a different supplier. This one also had play. The third I bought was a german made one and was fine. There is clearly a lot of rubbish out there and reading e bay feedback on bearings there seems to be a high rate of premature wear and early failures, some only 50 miles!
  10. The bushes are just a split rubber bush square at the bottomand with a rounded top to fit the U shaped bracket. Only two bolts each side. You just need to work out if the roll bar will lift when you loosen the bush and if so you mayt need to jack up the side you are doing so the roll bar hangs down onto its seating. I did a Yaris recently and it took me about 1 hour for both sides.
  11. There must be a happy medium somewhere in this!
  12. I dont believe it..... The second bearing unit I bought from a different e bay shop also has play in the bearing. I wonder if the cheap e bay items are "out of spec" bearings? I am getting fed up fitting these things!
  13. Thanks for that info - people NOT to buy from is also useful. Problem with e bay sellers is that they do not say who their supplier is. The rear bearing/ABS unit I fitted looked okand was from an e bay shop that had good feedback but of course you cannot check for play until it is firmly bolted to the car and using the wheel leverage. I fitted it in the rain and being in a hurry I did not think to check it for play, I spun it that was all. When looking for an alternative supplier whilst the e bayer was messing about giving me a refund I did find a few feedbacks on different sites complaining about rough bearings so this is perhaps a widespread problem. The fact that the MOT was only an advisory for play seems to be a reason for the e bay shop to consider that the item is not defective?
  14. Yes Blueprint are good but they have a limited range of parts-more brake, clutch etc
  15. I bought a rear hub/bearing/ABS fitting on e bay for £26.80 but had to return it as it had play in the new bearing (surprised it was only an advisory at the MOT) . You could say this is to be expected as you get what you pay for but I have generally had good experiences with non OEM parts. Considering that one of these is £364 from Mr T (just the part not fitted) non OEM parts are excellent value if the quality is there. Is there a company that make non OEM parts of good quality for Toyotas?