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  1. All good advice, plusgas would be my preferred release agent. The important thing, as others have said but woth emphasising is not to be impatient and rush it and snap off the nipple. Lots of applications over several days and be gentle and it will release. Good luck with it and let us know.
  2. I am a member of a few other special interest forums and the TOC has by far the most helpful, courteous and pleasant membership and I have learnt lots of stuff via the Avensis and Yaris forums.
  3. I used to top up my 2003 T22 and do my current 08 T25 8mm above the full mark without any ill effects. I think that is about +0.5L.
  4. As I am looking for a newer Avensis to replace my 08 TR can I ask what year did the fully automatic EPB come in i.e. putting the handgrake on automatically when the ignition is off? The EPB problem is a downside of a newer Avensis!
  5. Mine are really corroded/holes but no problems in the last 2 MOT's.
  6. I have followed many posts about failure of the EPB Actuator including following water ingress. Is there a way of adding sealant or something to help ensure that water cannot get in and damage the works. So where to add sealant?
  7. These get very rusty and often need a welding torch, lots of Plusgas and some welly to free before adjusting the track. I think after that the garage is advising you might as well replace the track rod ends with new for another £40/50 parts. However once they have freed them off ok it will be an easy job for you to replace them as and when they really need it. If you expect to keep the car a long time probably worth it, if not just leave it. Often the rubber gaiters start to wear and let water/grit in so perhaps a good preventative thing to do.
  8. I had the boot light staying on and draining the battery. Easy to drop one of the seats and see if it stays on. Problem is it may stay on intermittently so hard to diagnose. These sort of problems are a pain and take time - Good luck with it!
  9. Lots of possibilities - one is that the drain at the bottom of the heaterair duct is blocked with leaves etc and the intake air pan has filled up and overflowed. I think the only certainty about this problem is that taking it to a garage for them to mess about and find the leak will cost as much as the car is worth, if you are unlucky! Careful inspection with a torch should show a water trail and backtracking this should identify the source of the leak.
  10. Thanks for replies - yes I am aware that you cannot retrofit LED/HID headlights. Thanks for the heads up on the "dreadedMMT box" so I need to be looking at 2013 models.
  11. About a 2012 auto petrol model. Do the higher spec models have HID or LED headlights or is that just a buyer option? Anything in particular to look out for on an Auris of this age?
  12. It is correct that you can only start the engine when the gear is in park. You can only put it into gear reverse or forward with your foot on the brake. It does not sound that anything is wrong just that you are unclear about how it works? The previous owner is correct that you MUST not put the car into park until the car has stopped otherwise damage will be caused.
  13. My 04 1.8 Avensis was burning oil at 500 miles per 0.5 litres after only 50k miles. When I read up on this on the forum and elsewhere it was thought that the oil clogging the rings could be relieved to some extent by the followuing measures. 1 Top up the oil level 10mm above the full mark to have an extra 0.5 L in circulation -this lower the oil temperature a little.and helps. 2 Be sure to use only the recommended 5/30 sae oil rather than thicker oil in the mistaken belief it will burn less. 3 Use premium grade petrol as this contains higher level of detergents which help keep the rings clean. I tried these measures and it reduced my oil consumption from 0.5l per 1000 miles down to perhaps the same usage in 4000 miles. That was over 6 months and when I reverted to ordinary unleaded the oil consumption slowly reverted back over a few months. Worth a try before fitting another engine. The higher oil level never showed any problems i.e. smoke on steep uphill, downhill or hard cornering. Probably more frequent oil changes and maybe fully synthetic oil is also worth considering. Good luck with it.
  14. My Avensis space saver steel wheel does not accept the normal wheel nuts for the alloys, very well. The alloys nuts are the same thread but have a parallel section that fits tightly into the wheel hole and locates the wheel precisely.The steel wheel is made for nuts with a small dome end and there is no hole for the nut to enter. The alloys nut on the steel wheel does not locate the steel rim very well, ok for a mile or two but not any distance. Other models may be different but you have to have to actually uses the space saver to be aware of this. I got a set of steel wheel nuts for about a fiver off e bay, probably pennies from a scrap yard.
  15. Have you tried wiggling the road wheel to check it is not a bearing going?