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  1. Hi Tony - yes that is it. I was unaware that overfilling was an issue, thanks
  2. In the engine compartment behind the engine a black plastic container with pipes in and out. I had alway assumed without looking closely that it was a fuel filter but now I look closer it is not. Is it some sort of emission control gizmo?
  3. Peter - yes I think you are right, I was making an assumption about the bolt heads to the outside. Apology for talking through my a.....!
  4. The trick to removing the rear hub is to slghtly loosen the 4 hub securing bolts and then with a socket on the bolt head use a short socket extension to hammer on with a lump hammer which will loosen the hub ok. Some of the hubs have the bolt head to the outside and some to the inside but the procedure is the same. Perhaps a french/japanese manufacturing difference?
  5. Regarding running the car with a mix of petrol/diesel. You have to be careful as the violent pinking I am sure could damage the engine as the mix will have a low octane rating. So drive very gently and avoid pinking as best you can and as recommended keep topping up the ank with petrol and get the diesel duluted as fast as you can Good luck with it.
  6. It is an old car, I just want it to look ok not pristine, thanks.
  7. Our Yaris rear wheel bearing driver side went at only 42k miles although on an 04 car. I was stunned at the OEM part cost of £357 inc VAT but managed to buy a pattern spare inc ABS for about £35, although I had to send a couple back before getting one with no play. I came across the valve stem thing a few years ago on my Avensis. MOT man said both rear valve stems were perished (tyres only 2 years old) and needed replacing so had them done for £30 the pair. The next year test they said exactly the same thing when I pointed out they had replaced them the previous year-they said they must b
  8. Thanks for that frosty..In the engine bay 3P0 - Cherry Red. Do you know if there is a clear lacquer over the Yaris paint finishes?
  9. I need to do a bit of paintwork on the bottom of a rear door. It is a Red 2004 t spirit - how do I best ascertain the correct paint code colour of spray paint to order. Also what colour of primer to use, if it matters?
  10. As Jimitaxi has said partially the answer depend how much diesel and how much petrol mixed with diesel fuel is in the tank. If there is only a little diesel in the tank then filling the tank with petrol and just emptying out what is in the fuel line should work ok. The car engine will run with a mixture of diesel and mostly petrol. If there is a lot of diesel in the tank all you can do ids empty the tank. To empty the tank you need to remove the fuel line and then short out two of the terminals in the fuse box and run the fuel pump. I am not sure which terminals but someone here will be
  11. Is it possible to switch off some features such as lane control, front parking sensors etc? As and when I spot a suitable car to purchase I am wondering about things I may or may not take to and possibility of disabling.
  12. I am surprised - our 2004 T Spirit has a flashing security LED. It makes sense to warn thieves the alarm is so, so go steal another car!
  13. There are many small traders that buy from an auction that the public does not have access to and offer cars priced between main dealer and private sales. I have bought a couple of cars from small dealers working from home without any problems and both seemed decent guys. Why not ask the guy, be upfront and voice your concerns. How he deals with that will either allay your concerns or re -enforce them. Just a guy trying to make a living! The main thing is to check the car to your satisfaction.
  14. Our 04 yaris was heavily rusted underside and I only recovered the situation by a lot of work and underseal, now all ok. There have been many posts here about terminal rust on Yaris 2000 - 2008 years. The mechanical bits can be fixed relatively easily but rust in the rear suspension mounting areas are difficult to weld properly and could be terminal. I think you need to look at the MOT history to pick up any indications of structural rust-better still get underneith yourself. Good luck with it.
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