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  1. hi guys a mate of mine is looking for an OBD Tool to fit his 1994 Estima Lucida 2.2TD but does any one know which one will work with the above?
  2. hi guys a mate of mine is looking for a 2006 Previa Diesel but he is looking for a auto gearbox, been looking around and all i can see is the manual version. can anyone tell me if they made a 2006 Previa Diesel in auto ? cheers
  3. a new camry, do you have a model report for one? just thinking how you will get it registered
  4. some real helpful stuff here http://www.showmesome.info/hilux/info/faq.htm
  5. you should only use your 4wd system on off road conditions ie snow, mud grass, using the 4wd drive on roads for every day use can damage your truck, as the surf do not have a centre diff
  6. i agree with the two above, got my hilux imported from topspec imports and the whole experience was great,
  7. change the fuel filter while doing the air
  8. what colour is the smoke >?? cut out>? the smoke cuts out or the engine?
  9. the hybrid model has been selling for a while in Japan, the company that imported my hilux have sold a few of them pm me if you would like more details
  10. hi mate and welcome, i had my Hilux surf imported direct from japan, she got 60,000km on the clock and looks/feels like new the 3.0lTD is much better option than the 2.4 got mine from from these guys service was great,
  11. does this only happen on cold mornings ? when was the fuel filter changed last?
  12. hi moggie, i would not recommend buying a 2.4 they have a defect with blowing their heads and can result in a hefty repair bill, as said before go for a 3.0 td MPG are the same but the engine is bullet proof.... i get around 400km to a full tank and the 4wd system is not designed to drive on normal roads, so do not use it on tarmac for everyday use, the 4wd should be used on off road when towing there are two buttons you can use for extra power the ECT button and the overdrive button on the gear leaver i had my hilux imported for me back in march, 60,000kms and looks like the day it rolled off the production line surf's are great cars to own and drive but just remember to service her at regular intervals if you need any further assistance please let me know hope this has been helpful
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