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  1. My thinking exactly, buy one registered post June 10 and there will be at least nearly 2 years Toyota warranty left. Thanks everyone for your replies. David
  2. Hi all, I would like to buy a 2.2 diesel Rav4. I see from the forum that the earlier engines had problems although Toyota seem to have addressed these. Nevertheless I would like to go for the revised 150bhp version and if possible a car with the 5 year warranty. My budget is up to about £15k. I think the warranty was increased to 5 years in 2010 - does anyone know exactly when and how you can tell if a particular car has the warranty. What are the servicing requirements (no point in buying for the warranty if service requirements not met). Any common problems with cars of this age? Thanks
  3. Thanks guys, I have not actually been to see the car yet and have no info about build date or vin number. However it is advertised as 136 bhp so presumably it is the earlier version. Is the 150 bhp a better bet?
  4. Hi, I'm considering buying an 09 plate 2.2 D-4D XTR which has done 21k miles. Firstly can anyone tell me if this model/year will be fitted with a DPF. Secondly is this model/year affected by the excessive oil consumpion/sooting problem - how would you tell if a particular car has the problem? Lastly are there any other common problems to watch for? Thanks David
  5. Hi, I'm looking to buy an MR2 Roadster, probably about 2000/2001 and would appreciate any advice as to potential problem areas. Are these cars prone to any particular problems? Thanks.
  6. Thanks for all your advice, sounds as though I need to have one!!
  7. Hi, I'm considering buying a Rav4 and am looking at a 2006 2.2 xt3, with about 30k on the clock. Are there any common problems I should be looking for? Is the DMF still a potential problem or did that only apply to earlier cars (I will be towing a caravan with it). It will have it's 3 year service when sold, are there any expensive service requirements in the next 2 or 3 years 20/30k miles ( I bought my present car at similar age and mileage and was faced with big service costs at year 4). All advice will be appreciated, thanks.