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  1. Ive just put a pioneer tv/dvd headunit in my Mr2...95. Does anyone know how i can get rid of the horrible engine interference? :censor: Its is fine when the engine is off! I cant think of anything else to try! I do know that the last alpine headunit did it aswell but i managed to get rid some how! :ffs: PLEASE HELP!!!!
  2. Ive been following this thread as i have the same problem as Titto.. I found no difference when upgrading from 15" - 17" the suspension is really bumpy with both.. and when you hit a drain or hole it makes a huge clunk! :ffs: I have been unsure what to change as the ride is so bad! I hope someone adds a sucessful thread once they have sorted there suspension out and i will do the same! I look forward to the results! B)
  3. :censor: Has anybody else had problems signing in to post pics on the TOC gallery before? I have been trying for a couple of days! :ffs: I really wanna post some pics of my car up here! It says user name error!! i take it mine is wurboman? Very stupid i know
  4. wurboman

    New Wheels!

    :P Very nice how much they set u back? :!Removed!:
  5. I cant beleive with 18 views nobody has any good advise regarding BLUE PRINT kit! Do you guys know anything? Anyone advise somewhere to findout... :group-cuddles: like another forum... :!Removed!:
  6. I picked up some 17"s from Leicester lastnight! long drive/ :ffs: But for £400 with brand new uniroyal Rainsport tyres i thought that was a bargain! Ohh and the wheels where bK 299's in immaculate condition! :hokus-pokus: Only problem is 205/40/17 front & 215/40/17 rear... Why i dont know... any one wanna buy my fronts?? What do you think?
  7. Has anyone ever bought a blueprint clutch or know what they are like? Is blue print a cheaper alternative to a stock toyota part? Any help is most appreciated! Cheers
  8. wurboman

    How Do ?

    Is it in club gallery? Sorry for being so thick
  9. wurboman

    How Do ?

    here goes...... I dont have any pics of my car on any websites... do i need to do this first.. any ideas where?? Cheers
  10. wurboman

    How Do ?

    Im interested to know how you guys put pics on the page? I really wanna add a pic of mine here Cheers :!Removed!:
  11. Cheers guyz, titto was that including parts? That sounds real good! I would be happy with that! What dealer was it? where? Cheers P.s Was it heavy after or nice and light? Was it Turbo or N/A ??
  12. wurboman


    Yeah mines on ebay heres the link! Its going wild though! I didnt think an ashtray would be worth this much....lol :hokus-pokus: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...MESSE%3AIT&rd=1
  13. I need a new clutch fitted / cam belt etc changed / exhorst gaskets & turbo gaskets fitted / springs fitted / engine out to have all the work done! He wants about £800 do you all think this is a good price! I have found a nice guy with a garage in Devon... He only deals with Import Mr2's... have any of you heard of him? Malcom..
  14. Sweet... are they Bk299's... ive some for sale 17"s might go for it! Are they 17"s on yours? :P
  15. Anyone got any idea whether a 1990 Mr2 turbo Clutch will fit a 1995 Turbo Mr2? As ive found one at the right price! Is the clutch adjustable.... :ffs: Cheers/...
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