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  1. If you buy a plan then no price increase will affect you. If you decide to take each service separately then you will be affected by price change in VAT, labour etc. The idea of having plan is to lock the prices (inflation proof). You may also get a discount for buying all 3 services as dealer knows you will be returning for business. It will be easier for them to sell you something else- a car, an insurance or a key ring.
  2. I was given the quotes back in September when I still had my Auris..and I found the print out: 40k - 254.19 50k - 134.78 60k - 244.06 Total: 633.03 That bas back in Sep but now with new VAT the prices will go up. I was also told by dealer that there will be price increase on labour etc on top of new VAT. It was for 1.6 VVT-i so diesel and new v-matic is going to be more expensive.
  3. GregP


    My list of Auris issues wasn't much shorter. I was driving VAG cars for years and I had some issues o n l y with Golf IV, but it never was back to the dealer countless times like Auris. In my opinion every VAG driver can say "You want to look at the problems Toyota owners have". VAG never advertised their cars as being uber-reliable. Toyota did.
  4. If you want to remove it with plastic fixing then use something flat as a lever and it should pop off from the housing. Then disconnect the heater cable. You can also use just a glass and simply stick it to the old, broken mirror.
  5. Halfords didn't store Toyota mirrors last time I checked. If you need only glass you can use Yaris one- it is the same. You can buy glass or glass+ plastic housing on ebay.
  6. My Auris is almost gone too. I had to leave in the garage yesterday again and went for a scheduled Lancer test drive (I used it as a sort of courtesy car :) ) Auris will be part exchanged for 1.8 Lancer. I liked Toyota but endless mechanical issues and amount of money I lost while car was being fixed made the decision easy.
  7. Hi, IMO Toyota one is quite expensive and not that great. Last time I checked it lacked many options. You may get some Chinese stuff made for Auris (I think the one you posted) but it is difficult to say what quality is it going to be. The best option is to buy after market stuff like Kenwood, Panasonic etc. You need few adjustments like panel, wires but the topic was discussed on that forum so you should be able to find the info you need.
  8. I have made up my mind about ford long time ago but the car was out of warranty so it is only good will from manufacturer to fix something FOC or give discount. Not sure how Toyota would handle similar situation. As for dead gearbox- my died after 250 miles- it was replaced FOC by Toyota. I agree that Toyota customer service is good and they have good coffee too but I would really like to cut my visits and enjoy my car more not just the courtesy one. The list of issues is long like an arm and rattles or squeaks are not on it.
  9. GregP

    Auris In Snow

    Auris is front drive but I had no problem driving on the snow with winter tyres fitted- applying all the snow driving rules as for any other car. I have summer tyres in UK so in January driving was little a challenging but still possible.
  10. Toyota swaps the parts with other parts of the same poor quality. I had problem with rust under the car. They have replaced the bits but now after one year the rust is back. The same applies to bolts, nuts etc. The steering column was replaced as it was rattling and squeaking and guess what...after 10k miles it starts again.
  11. My current Auris is plagued with major faults. Previous Golf had few too. I had Toledo 20V 2001 and not a single issue after 100k miles. In my case only my old Fiat scored lower in reliability than Auris. The Statement that German cars are less reliable than <...> doesn't make sense in my case. Skoda VRS is great car to drive and I could get one for myself. Is it going to be reliable- I think not less than Auris I drive.
  12. We have discussed similar topic earlier and the conclusion was- they use whatever is available on the shelf. The reason for price difference is probably the fact that in 1.4 semi was used and now they may use full synthetic oil. There is about £20 difference in retail price so when you add dealer prices it could be £80-90 service. That is my guess thou.
  13. My car is not bad with rattles neither but the forum posts suggest that there is no particular place that fixing it will stop all the noises. People complain about rattles from dash, pillars- all, glove box, radio area...generally all over the cabin.
  14. First and above all you should check you oil level regularly and NEVER allow the light to come on. You have diesel so it takes oil. It appears the loss is about 1.5 litter every 10k km which can be considered normal. When lights go on it means the pressure is to low and you engine runs without sufficient lubrication, overheats and takes even more oil.
  15. TR trim spec was changed couple of times by Toyota so check exactly what should be included at a time when you bought your Auris.
  16. Performance complaint is something I don't really get. How can you buy a car and then say it is underpowered?? Didn't you drive it or you just too stupid thinking 1.4 diesel is going to make Auris a hot hatch.
  17. Not problems like yours but my Auris was countless times back to the dealer. I am not talking rattles but mechanical issues I mentioned many times on the forum. Get used to it (can be costly when warranty expiries) or get rid of the car- that is what I am going to do soon. Now I have rust problem (in Auto Bild 100k km test Auris "rusted away" too).
  18. Agree If I was going back to the dealer with every squeaking and cracking in my Auris I would need another car for every day driving.
  19. 1. There are different schools for engine running in. I went to the one where crucial period for the engine is first 50 miles. You should run it quite hard and then another 500 miles not allow it labour to much and sometimes high rev it. ALWAYS warm it up before pushing accelerator harder. Some still use mineral oil during that period. 2. Stick to manufacturer recommendation. Some engines are very sensitive about oil used (VVT-i used to be/is(?) one of them). You can use almost any reputable manufacturer but use correct and recommended grade for your climate zone.
  20. Get real people.Stone chips in paint are made by flying stones- the clue is in the name. They are quite often thrown by other cars tyres and there is NO PAINT that can resist such impact. You can put plastic film on your paintwork (ie 3M)- I think Porsche does it by default. That can protect against smaller stones but not big ones cough on motorway during 80mph.
  21. Thank you for correcting my post. English is not my first language (I am much better with Spanish and German) and I rely to much on auto- spelling I guess. That is why I drive petrol. Especially VVT-i- proven trouble free :)
  22. Offcourse he is. He drives SAAB. People on Earth now that you buy Vectra not SAAB. It is the same piece of rubbish for less money and the VXHL dealer is going to be around in year or two- unlike SAAB (especially after EU changed the law) :) Or he could be one of SAAB dealers- desperate and about to go bust.
  23. There is only minimal power loss after conversion to LPG (proper conversion not some DIY offered often in UK). I have heard that VVTi engines are not the best as Jarod said but there are also many people with 1.8/1.6 engines that have been using LPG for years with no issues at all. Search on Toyota forum.
  24. If they are in the same size then yes- for Auris 1.6 6.5J/ET45- 205/55
  25. Brake fluid change after 2 years is standard now for almost every manufacturer. You can keep you brake fluid longer and that doesn't affect the brake power. In older cars I used to change it every 3-4 years and it was OK. You must check what about warranty if you decide to leave it.
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