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  1. AE101 Corolla GXI 7AFE Cleaning the car today somehow must have pushed the door lock button cause the keys are obviously on the inside. Cool, so I pulled the drivers side door seal & look down what should I see & pull more importantly... Car now sold... Owner awainting delivery
  2. & what is the ST185?
  3. Loads of SR20det (silvia s14 engine) & EC32 (s2000) conversions in Ireland, a few 2ltr Altezza Beams, 20v is not that cheap hbut in my opinion the way to go to stay retro.
  4. There isnt a difference except the lights/electrics? The special rally edition of 5000 units was known as the GT-Four RC in Japan, Carlos Sainz (CS) in Europe (in honour of their famous WRC driver), or Group A Rallye in Australia. Special features include: a different intercooler (WTA as opposed to ATA) which Toyota Team Europe wanted so they could more easily tune their WRC car; different hood, the emphasis of which is to get rid of heat as fast as possible (instead of scooping in air, as is the case with the standard ST185 hood); different bumper that is much lighter than the standard one. Out of 5,000 units, 1,800 were for Japanese market, 3,000 were allocated to Europe, 150 in Australia, 25 in Singapore, and very few made a trip to New Zealand and general markets.
  5. Between a Carlos Sainz & a RC? Obviously the Sainz is a limited addition & the RC is a JDM only car?
  6. 90 Anyway its easy to spot, the large port 4age has a smooth inlet manifold with a T-Vis badge on it,,,,, the narrow port non-tvis has a ripped inlet manifold with no badge,
  7. dont no just new to the scene and in need of help .how do i tell the difference and where should i phone??? Try www.ae86irl.com Introduce yourself & you car/project, ae86 site but with shed loads of rwd starlet owners, this is your best shot.
  8. Passed one of these at Ferrybridge Powerstation M1 last year, it was 100% spotless. There was 4 lady hippies driving it! dredlocks & all, probably bought it for nothing
  9. 5 x 100? What later celicas are the same pcd cheers
  10. They are all gone mate & you know it, how many people do you know with ae86s within 20 miles of your house?, I am willing to bet its 30+???
  11. EircamAE86

    Celica St165

    Wanted, Celica GT4 ST165 1988/89. I am looking for a minter here people, pref standard but would consider an unabused slightly modified example, Colour not important (as if there is much choice), Realisticly within the next few weeks as I need to gather the cash, etc etc Will pay good money for a good car.
  12. Not again tonight, "Big stick Time", thats the 5th time in one night unreal
  13. Still a rubbish attempt at car, toyota whats going on, us market or what
  14. EU300-500, bring the car in for them to see & make it look as rough as possible, they go on a % of the market value unless the car is in bead condition, throw on a set of ***** wheels, tell em the **** is rotten out of it and that shes a smoker!!, worked for my last 86
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