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  1. TPJ

    Exhaust Manifolds

    I found one for my car in a breakers for £30. Just hope the garage can swap it over ok without any of the studs snapping. The original manifold really is quite crusty. Cheers
  2. My 2000 yaris has 132k on the 998cc. Nothing major gone wrong , just exhaust, brakes and tyres. I do suffer from the air flow sensor problems but it's been like that for the last 5years/75000 miles and I still get 46 mpg average. Great cars
  3. TPJ

    Exhaust Manifolds

    I have a 2000 X reg Yaris 998 vvti and the exhaust manifold is making a pap sound. I took it to a Toyota specialist in Wakefield and they said it's either the gasket that's gone or the manifold has a crack. When idling and the engine is cold you can feel an air blast whaere the sound is coming from. They've costed a new one but that's about £200 plus fitting. Looking at the original it's degraded quite a bit and I don't think it will hold up to welding. Most of the miles are motorway and a lot of surface water hits the engine. I've already replaced the radiator after it disintegrated. The car has 132k and I'm not really bothered about fitting a new one. I sourced one from a Yaris that's being broken but it's a 2006 T3 998CC. The garage said they'd fit any part I can source. My question is will this newer one fit my Yaris? Are the engine layouts the same for the 998 across this year span from 2000 to 2006? It's £70 which is quite a difference. Is there any way of checking the part numbers for both years to see if it's compatible? Any help is appreciated as always.
  4. TPJ

    Yaris 1.0 Raditor

    Thanks for the confirmation. Found a good chap that will hopefully do the work for me. Cheers
  5. TPJ

    Yaris 1.0 Raditor

    Hi, Been a lurker for a while and never had any real issues with my Yaris. Lately I've noticed the radiator fan comes on alot whether stationary in traffic or driving along. Looking at the unit, over half of the little cooling fins are missing and the others disintegrate if you poke them. Should I replace the unit or could there be another issue with the cooling system? There are no leaks and no water getting into the engine e.g. oil cap has no white sludge. The coolant was changed just last year and is the proper red stuff. My engine warning light has been on for a long while even after a garage "fixing" the error at the last MOT in October. I've also noticed that I'm getting better millage which might indicate the engine is running lean. This may make it run hotter. Any suggestions on what to check? Thanks, Tom
  6. TPJ


    Thanks for the welcome folks. My Yaris is somewhat plagued by some usual probs but I found most of the answers already. Just need to get the spanners dusted off and a sunny day to sort it. Cheers
  7. TPJ


    Hi everyone, I own a 2000 Yaris GS that's pushing 93000 and running strong. Just wanted to say hello from sunny Wakefield, UK Cheers
  8. Hi, Just joined and wanted to say hello before getting stuck in. Cheers