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  1. Hi, Adam..& welcome to TOC. Sad to say, there are now a number of problems that may need to be addressed on the purchase of a Gen 7. Oil burning on a 140, due to piston rings clogged with burnt deposits. This issue has "killed" many a Gen 7 engine, due to oil starvation Corroded rear subframe, a replacement is very labour intensive Leaking radiator from bottom corner Corroded brake pipes Seized calipers Rainwater ingress from either a leaking sunroof, or rear spoiler fixings Broken fuel flap hinges Broken road springs Buckled wheels Corroded fuel pipe filler neck Failing hatch struts They are however, brilliant cars when sorted. In short, proceed with caution!.
  2. In short, Andy..I don't know. Try sending a message to Bryan, a member on here who basically runs He will get you sorted, and has the same user-name on both forums.
  3. Yes, 5W30 is the recommended viscosity for both the VVTi, and VVTi-L in the UK.
  4. Your best bet, to copy your post onto There is a entirely trustworthy supplier of used parts based in Birmingham, who is a corporate member on that site. His user-name on that forum is "ams", with his name being..Amit. HTH 🙂
  5. Used.. New..
  6. Hi, Tom. Speak to Paul at TCB in Callington, they specialise in the Generation 6 Celica.
  7. Assuming your 140 special edition is either a "Red", or a "Blue"..they were only available in three colours. The "Red", Black and Crystal Silver, and the "Blue" with a third choice of Lagoon Blue. Black is 202 Crystal Silver is 1E7 Lagoon Blue is 8M6 HTH 🙂
  9. Have a word with Paul at TCB, he runs the company, as well as owning two ST205's.
  10. With these alloys being 20 years old, you might struggle to find replacement caps that fit correctly. If no-one can help on here, you could try asking on Have you considered as an alternative new Momo stickers?..
  11. Hello, Simon. I live in Nottinghamshire. It's a county located in the East Midlands. It rains a lot here too. Have you tried a company called TCB?. Here's the link.. Kev.
  12. While the fact that it's a limited edition helps its value, having the 1.8 fuel economy engine will hurt as becoming "sought after".
  13. Mine comes up as supercharged too. Just ringing my Ins. Co. to see how much I owe them
  14. On my Sony 10 Disc, you slide the cover from left to right, this then reveals a button that ejects the cartridge. Something like this..
  15. 140 has a black plastic inlet manifold, 190 has metal. Avoid the pre face lift 140, otherwise you could be back where you started.