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  1. Hi, Pete..& welcome to T.O.C. It's crucial you keep an eagle eye on the engine oil level. You may find this thread helpful..
  2. This question has been answered many times on the above forum 🙂
  3. Try making the same thread on There are quite a few Gen 5 enthusiasts on that forum. Good luck 🙂
  4. AFAIK, there are no after-market headlights that are as good as OE. Although my after-market lights look great on my red Gen 7, their light output is poor, and the UV coating is flaking off. If it wasn't for the fact I only drive in daylight, I wouldn't have bothered, and they only cost £40 delivered second hand. I have these..
  5. Not from any The early type is T38, and that's what is fitted to my 54 plate VVTi. If you check out the thread you started on, you will see I've supplied you with a link to Amit's (aka ams) profile. Simply click on "message", and you're good to go. Please keep us advised of developments 🙂
  6. I believe it was changed on April 1st.
  7. Hi, Tim. There are two types for the Gen 7. Look for a number on the servo like T38, or T56. Good used ones can be had from Amit, user-name is ams, who is a corporate member over on He charges £20 to £25 plus postage, depending on which one you need. I think yours is a T38, but best to check before contacting Amit by PM.
  8. Whatever you do, don't pay Toyota dealer prices!. A Toyo radiator can be bought for about £55, genuine Toyota coolant about £20. Someone who knows what they're doing, can swop the rad. and purge the system of air in under two hours (I watched a friend change my rad. and coolant on his driveway only last September). So it needn't be a wallet buster. It's a shame you aren't closer, as I have a genuine Toyota rad. in perfect condition, sat in the shed.
  9. What makes you think the HG has gone?. While not unheard of, it is very rare on a Gen 7. Are you sure its not simply a case of a radiator leak in the bottom corner causing the overheating?. With the weeping coolant being caught by the under engine covers, these very common leaks in the rad. aren't easy to spot.
  10. No, a pre face lift lip will not fit your face lift, but this one will..
  11. Hi, Adam..& welcome to TOC. Sad to say, there are now a number of problems that may need to be addressed on the purchase of a Gen 7. Oil burning on a 140, due to piston rings clogged with burnt deposits. This issue has "killed" many a Gen 7 engine, due to oil starvation Corroded rear subframe, a replacement is very labour intensive Leaking radiator from bottom corner Corroded brake pipes Seized calipers Rainwater ingress from either a leaking sunroof, or rear spoiler fixings Broken fuel flap hinges Broken road springs Buckled wheels Corroded fuel pipe filler neck Failing hatch struts They are however, brilliant cars when sorted. In short, proceed with caution!.
  12. In short, Andy..I don't know. Try sending a message to Bryan, a member on here who basically runs He will get you sorted, and has the same user-name on both forums.
  13. Yes, 5W30 is the recommended viscosity for both the VVTi, and VVTi-L in the UK.