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  1. Try Greenlight Insurance Services in Billericay. They've been insuring my 2004 Celica for many years on a classic policy inc. agreed value. IIRC, the actual insurance company they use for my car is Highway. HTH.
  2. Hi, & welcome to TOC, Matt. I've replied to your post on the other forum 🙂
  3. It's beginning to look like you're not going to get a reply on here, Peter. Try asking on celica-club.co.uk
  4. Hi Scarlett Arrow, i've only just joined so please bear with me. I saw a post you replied to 2 years ago about paint codes for gen7 celicas.

    I need a new door and have found one in silver 1d0 which i think is 2000 to 2002.

    looking in my log book it says mine is 1e7 crystal silver. 2002-2005

    I never realised there were two different silvers depending on age! Do you happen to know if there is a difference between the two? 

    Thankyou for reading

    1. Scarlett Arrow

      Scarlett Arrow


      Pre face lift Silver Haze (1DO), is different from face lift Crystal Silver (1E7).

      Hope that helps.

      Regards, Kev 🙂

    2. Bazpro


      Hi Kev. I was hoping that wasn't the case. But thank you for clarifying. Search for new door continues.


  5. Have you tried TCB Performance Parts in Callington?. You'll find Paul extremely helpful.
  6. Hi, Elliot & welcome to T.O.C. This is what I've learnt, from a daily visitor to the celica-club.co.uk forum since 2004.. Corroded rear subframe Corroded/leaking radiator Corroded shock absorbers Corroded/broken springs Corroded brake pipes Corroded/leaking fuel filler pipe Corroded PAS pipe Corroded/leaking sunroof Corroded/seized calipers Buckled wheels Tired tailgate struts Broken fuel flap hinges Missing remote key I haven't mentioned the obvious "wear & tear" items, such as clutch/battery/exhaust/tyres, whi
  7. The problem was most likely weeping of coolant from the bottom corner of the radiator. Because the coolant collects on top of the under engine plastics, rather than leaving a small pool under the car, the first you are likely to be aware of a problem is cold air from the vents. This is a very common issue on the Gen 7. The radiator isn't checked as part of a service, as it would need to be removed for the bottom to be closely examined for pin hole leaks. If I was having this work done at a garage, I would expect to pay £50 for a new radiator (Koyo), about £40 for Toyota LongLife cool
  8. The "Tsunami" was never made available in the UK. The only tiptronic models ever seen for sale in this country are imported JDM cars, and these were all pre face lift, so at least 20 years old now. HTH
  9. Sorry to read this, Peter, but as Neil has said, don't go down the "reconditioned" route, much better to try and source a lowish mileage face-lift VVTi engine. Even then, it's important to keep a very close eye on the dipstick, as the issue (shortage of oil cooling in the piston ring area leading to burnt deposits on the rings, and ultimately high oil consumption), although much improved on the face-lift, isn't totally bulletproof. Good luck in your search for an engine if you decide not to scrap the car.
  10. Sorry, Rory. The infamous pre face lift VVTi "death rattle" strikes once again. Remedy..used (not rebuilt) face lift engine, or scrap the car. At least 52 plate on examples are dirt cheap these days (you get bigger front brakes and a much nicer interior too).
  11. Hi, Gabby, and welcome to the forum. What modifications are you considering?. Don't be tempted (as many do) to fit fit large/heavy wheels on a 140. Best advice I can give is to have the brake calipers regularly stripped and lubricated, especially the rears. The rear subframe on the Gen 7 is prone to rust, and therefore a very expensive repair, before it becomes a MOT failure. Also, keep some cash to one side for the unexpected..for example, replacement radiator/coolant. Fortunately, that is not as big a job as you might think.
  12. Just to clear this up. The correct tyre size for both the 140, and the 190, is 205/50/16. Both came with exactly the same five spoke rims as standard. The correct size for the T Sport is not 215/45, but 205/45/17.
  13. Try sending a PM to Bryan. He's on the admin. team on celica-club.co.uk (I know he hasn't been on this forum since August, but should pick up the email notification). https://www.toyotaownersclub.com/profile/22038-old-red-celica/ Please let me know if Old Red can resolve the issue for you.
  14. There are two good used parts suppliers for the Gen 7 over on celica-club.co.uk Just post up the bits you're looking for, and either "AMS", or "celicagen6parts" will reply if they have the parts in stock. Failing that, you could try TCB Ltd in Callington. HTH
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