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  1. Scarlett Arrow

    head gasket or radiator??
  2. Scarlett Arrow

    1994 wrc celica

    Have a word with Paul at TCB, he runs the company, as well as owning two ST205's.
  3. Scarlett Arrow

    Toyota Hub cap centres

    With these alloys being 20 years old, you might struggle to find replacement caps that fit correctly. If no-one can help on here, you could try asking on Have you considered as an alternative new Momo stickers?..
  4. Scarlett Arrow

    Looking for Rear Brake Back Plates

    Hello, Simon. I live in Nottinghamshire. It's a county located in the East Midlands. It rains a lot here too. Have you tried a company called TCB?. Here's the link.. Kev.
  5. Scarlett Arrow

    Whats Celica worth?

    While the fact that it's a limited edition helps its value, having the 1.8 fuel economy engine will hurt as becoming "sought after".
  6. Scarlett Arrow

    Toyota Database shows my engine as supercharged?

    Mine comes up as supercharged too. Just ringing my Ins. Co. to see how much I owe them
  7. Scarlett Arrow

    Cd player

    On my Sony 10 Disc, you slide the cover from left to right, this then reveals a button that ejects the cartridge. Something like this..
  8. Scarlett Arrow

    Failed Emissions MOT

    140 has a black plastic inlet manifold, 190 has metal. Avoid the pre face lift 140, otherwise you could be back where you started.
  9. Scarlett Arrow

    New Celica, what Oils are people using.

    Yes, it's just a matter of finding someone with the right pieces of kit. My local tyre place charges £25+VAT per wheel for straightening, then £7.50 for refitting the tyre, and balancing the wheel.
  10. Scarlett Arrow

    New Celica, what Oils are people using.

    Brakes International are reasonable price wise.. Zzt230 1.8 Vvti FWD - 140bhp/Rear - Brake Calipers and Wheel Cylinders
  11. Scarlett Arrow

    New Celica, what Oils are people using.

    Lagoon is a great colour, Justin. In case you weren't aware, Edge is half price at Tesco at the moment. Have the brakes stripped/cleaned/greased ASAP. Brakes and tyres are the first two things to spend money on with the Gen 7. Hope you have declared the Wheels and Spoiler as modifications to your Ins. Co. Enjoy your new ride
  12. Scarlett Arrow

    Anyone used ICP (ebay) shock absorbers on the gen7?

    Are you looking for a full set, or just fronts, Phil?. If just fronts you want KYB Excel G. Part Nos. 334277/8 If a full set, Sachs on eBay for £250ono. Then there's top mounts, boots, stops, and seats. It's not cheap.
  13. Scarlett Arrow

    straight swap or not?

    Hi, Rob. Many owners had got around this problem by doing something called the "pedal dance" with a used genuine key. Haven't had the need to do this myself, so hopefully someone will be along to tell you more. If not, ask for details on the procedure on HTH
  14. Scarlett Arrow

    Cruise not working

    Is it April 1st already?.
  15. Scarlett Arrow

    Boot Struts!