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  1. Happy Birthday taylor_gtz!

  2. sard bumper now on ebay... "mr2 sard" ^^ search for that.
  3. gutted to see you've had a bump and the cars most likely a gonner. i never spoke to you on here, but any toyota fan is a friend of mine! good luck with whatever you do :)
  4. lol. thats the point, my mates rev 2 turbo is getting better consumption than this! when i first got it i used to get about 70/80miles to £10. now i get 30 or 40 max!
  5. well i've got the distributor cap and rotor arm on order now, so we will see if that fixes my ridiculous MPG its just got to 180km's on £30. which IIRC is about 120 miles?!
  6. Nankang nx500's are the cheapest tyre you can buy for the MR2's standard wheels...... and also the worst. all the mr2's i've had all came with these tyres. which frankly, are a death trap in the wet. Buy some better tyres & dont power down hard into corners in the wet...... someone wise once said to me "enter the corner at the speed you want to exit" which in an mr2, makes perfect sense. dont lift off!!! ;)
  7. coming to work this morn and i went to put a bit of power down and it hesitated for a second or 2 then took off with full power. i've noticed recently its only gettin about 40miles to £10 round town (and thats not even with full throttle ) at the lights on idle it does misfire when cold & the revs drop & climb from 900rpm to 550rpm when warm.... I've took the plugs out and they're all fine, cleaned them up and popped thm back in. I'm thinking: rotor arm in the distributor or plug leads (i've got aftermarket silicones in) ? any ideas its a Rev 3 g-limited by the way :) Thanks guys!
  8. update: now sporting a rev 3 boot.
  9. as above, ideally in black. I've got a SARD MC4 Front bumper im willing to part ex, bumper & cash my way. pic of the bumper: (found on a very old thread on this forum lol) will get a picture up of the actual bumper tonight. pm me for details B) Taylor.
  10. taylor_gtz

    Mr2 Help

    aren't rev 3 g-limited & uk spec rev 3's the same BHP ??
  11. after about 3 days of driving, the wheels turn from white to black... SIGH i need some spacers. can anyone point me in the right direction ??
  12. cheers for the comments guys.. here's some daylight pics :) :) what do we think ? ..... for those with eyes like a hawk, yes my boot is blue :P
  13. i'll take a quick few pics tonight before dark hopefully :P
  14. Hey all. for those who have a really good memory you might remember i used to have a supercharged Levin (ae101). however, i sold that on and after several cars.. im back in the toyota world. :) here's a spec and a couple of pics: its a 95, Rev 3 G-limited in Black, 2.0 Nasp Sard Intake, Sard Exhaust system Sard MC4 front bumper Toms Adjustable Shocks Toms adjustable top mounts Uprated front/rear ARB Advan TC 17" alloys
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