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  1. dont know if this has been posted on here or not sorry if it has this is copied form another forum i go on... A fella off the civic type r forum unfortunately lost his 19yr old daughter last july to a drunk driver. Originally the drunk driver was given an 18month sentence and a 12month ban, the ban would have been served by the time he got out of prison allowing him to jump straight back in the drives seat. After a years worth of appeals they managed to get it overturned and a 4.5 yr prison sentence was imposed and a 5yr driving ban. But he still gets to serve his 5yr driving ban whilst being locked up for 4.5 yrs.... The father of the 19yr old girl needs 30,000 signatures for the law to be considered for a change....This is already found it's way through alot of various forums so it is gathering momentum.. 1min of your time peeps....Thanks in advance.. http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/kellycampaign
  2. here are mine 26cc petrol hot bodies lightning stadium nitro when im not trying to break these i also run a free to join forum for these that has hints tips and help for when people have problems you can find it here www.nitronutters.co.uk or www.nitronutters.com
  3. Hi just read your posts i've had my picnic for just over 12 months and would'nt even consider any other mpv. I've had no problems with it apart from the clutch(probally due to the trips to spain with the caravan). performance wise it puts the likes of the picasso and scenic to shame which are the preffered mpv here in the uk. stick with the picnic.
  4. Nokia 2110i Nokia 3110 Nokia 3210 Nokia 3330 and my collectable Nokia Nk502(matrix phone now using the brick as plp call it the Nokia 7650 with 3 cd's of apps games and tones
  5. daz1970

    I Crashed Me G6

    All i will say is if you want to go racing get the ps1/2 out slap in Gran Turismo and Ta Da go racing. Leave the racing to the professionals who get paid to race.
  6. i exchanged the standard head unit for a sony one and put the cd changer in the glove box.I have had no problems with central locking after fitting the new head unit
  7. daz1970

    Picnic Bodykit

    thanxs to all especially to superchargedIS200 for the www thats just the look i was after
  8. daz1970

    Picnic Bodykit

    thanxs for the help but is that the supplier , the maker or the actual make of it
  9. does anyone know where i can get a bodykit for a picnic as we would like to fit one and slam down on 17's and tints