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  1. I think the sony xplod website has a thing that you can check what products they have can fint into ya car. Sorry don't know the address!
  2. LOL, Just trying to get a reaction
  3. Yer good point, try and get a good brand or buy the orignals! If you can find 650mb CD-R they usual work best!
  4. Hey, I need a cheap 4a-ge or 4a-gze engine. Would prefer if gearbox was included! Contact on L.D.Collins@bigpond.com
  5. Usually to make speakers more powerful you need to update the head unit to a more powerful one. The yaris/echo was designed for young women and old ppl. :P Thats why the stereo isn't very powerful. But that dosen't mean that you shouldn't have one cause you can make any old ppls car into a hotty very easily.
  6. TAraVEctRa


  7. Some times CD players don't like burnt CDs because they are usually burnt at a fast speed. To get a CD-R or CD-RW to work it is best to burn a CD at the lowest speed, I now this will take a long time put it is worth it. Another problem is that some CD players don't like 700mb CDs try using 650mb
  8. Thanks, I need all the help i can get, I have only just started to get into fix, tweaking, and moding. I am enjoying it and I hope to speed more time doing it.
  9. I don't know much about Avensis, i don't even know what they look like? But if you took it to a stereo retailer they can possiably take it and put a new one in. However this may cost you more! You may have to sacrifice the trip computer! Have you got a pic of the car and dash?
  10. :meet: Hey ppl, Just wondering if there are any Aussies that use this forum? Even better if there were any Tassies ppl!
  11. You CD player may be pre CD-R. CD-Rs use a different laser that normal CDs. It also may depend on what time of CD-R you are using. 700mb don't work in older players. 650mb work best if you burn at low speeds. I bought my corolla at the start of this year and it had an older CD player and it dosen't like 700mb CD-Rs and so i tried a 650mb, it played and then it started to skip. Personally I would get a new CD player, it would be alot cheaper than buying original CDs. Because thats all thats gonna work in ya CD player.
  12. Hey thanks, I was looking at a 4a-ge or 4a-gze. My car only has a four speed gearbox and its week as it needs that extra gear. I know in some cases that you can buy an engine with gearbox as a combo. Well thanks for ya suggestions. It has been a big help. At the moment i am looking for a job :ffs: to pay for the conversion!