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  1. Thanks so much dustyhog, this has just transformed the idle on a 2004 Yaris Verso 1.4 d4d! Brilliant!
  2. Hi David Can you remember which year Corolla these modules are listed for? Found a free different ones available, but made by a different company so didn't want to order the wrong one! Thanks ever so much 😀
  3. Hi just found this thread, they look really cool, do you replace the original mirror glasses? If so are they still heated? Cheers 🙂
  4. Hi everyone we finally took our little 2009 Iq2 to SLM Toyota Uckfield yesterday, the technician came out with me, then checked the car in the workshop and then checked for bulletins and for submitted product reports, three of which seemed to describe faults very similar to ours, in one of the reports the main engine mount was replaced (no comments where left about how much this helped), in the other two the clutch was replaced, in one of the reports it says that there was excessive play in the clutch centre plate where the splines connect to the clutch plate, this could well explain the noise we get with the resonance and vibration, on one report it quotes "we replaced the clutch plate, cover and bearing and road tested the car. What a difference it's perfect now :-)" the technician was really good, was thorough and really wanted to get to the bottom of the problem (he likes the iq very much, his Mum has even just bought one!), he said if the car had been under warranty he would be replacing the clutch, being almost sure it would fix the fault. So with that in mind and with the success other forum members have had once the clutch has been replaced I think we need to go ahead and replace the it, as a trained technician myself I feel we will end up doing the job ourselves, I'm trying to decide whether to fit a genuine Toyota clutch or would we actually be better fitting an luk or blueprint kit to reduce the chance of the fault coming back???? I'm going to ring around for prices on Monday and to see if the original clutch kit has been superseded by Toyota maybe pointing to a different centre plate. The technican told me he thought they quote 7 hours to replace the clutch but that he can do it much quicker, this time is to remove the engine and gearbox, he said he believed you can get the gearbox out on it's own but he hasn't tried this way (he's only had to replace two iq clutches before due to normal wear and tear). Has anyone had their gearbox out themselves, a few pointers would be great, ie yes you can get the gearbox out on it's own ok, or if the engine has to come out too do you have to evacuate/regas the ac or can you unbolt and move the pump away? Sorry for the long post!!!
  5. I've just stumbled on this old thread as our little 2009 1.0 iq2 is suffering from resination and vibration between 1800-2200 rpm, we are coming round to the fact that it is probably clutch related, anyway from my experience the Aygo/Peugeot 107/Citroen C1 clutch issues are caused by those cars being fitted with a clutch cable (whereas the IQ has a hydraulic clutch system) and clutch pedal having a height stop, if the clutch pedal freeplay isn't checked regularly (at least at every service) as the clutch wears the freeplay disappears causing the release bearing to hold excess pressure on the clutch cover causing premature wear to the release bearing, cover and centre plate, I believe if this freeplay is checked regularly even the smaller clutch would last fine. The IQ's more expensive hydraulic system is self adjusting so shouldn't suffer the same problems.
  6. Hi everyone, thanks Ross for taking the time to tell us about your clutch replacement, did you have to pay for the clutch or was it done under warranty? If you have an invoice for the repair could you let us have the part numbers for the clutch etc? It would be interesting to see if they are modified parts. Thanks again Paul and Zoe
  7. Hi everyone, we're at the same place, we've used two tanks of high octane from bp (97Ron) and our little iq2 feels much the same, we think acceleration might be a bit smoother and more responsive but the resonation is just as bad :(, not sure what to try next, does anyone else feel it could be anything to do with the harshness and noise from the manual gearbox? Have a great weekend everyone :-)
  8. Hi everyone, thanks for the suggestion, we've been away but our little iq2 is slowly using up the fuel in the tank, once it's empty we'll give it at least two tanks of v power and let you know how we get on.
  9. Hi we have the same problem with our 2009 manual iQ2 which has covered 34,000 miles, which we absolutely love accept for this harshness, I know the manual 1.0 is always a bit gearbox whiney in 1st gear, but our resonance which happens under load between 1500 and 2200 rpm in all gears but getting less noticable as you go up thru the gears, also seems to have a noise associated with it which does sound like gearbox noise. We drove a 21,000 mile 2010 manual iQ2 a few weeks ago and although it had the same resonance it was much much less noticable, I can't help thinking it's gearbox noise which gets worse as the mileage increases. The gearboxes in iQ's are a mirror image to a normal transverse gearbox with the diff and driveshafts at the very front and the gear clusters nearer the bulkhead of the car, that's why I think you hear the 1st gear whine much more than a normal fwd car and possibly why you hear and feel this horrible resonance so much. When I serviced our car the other day I was going to drain the gearbox oil and check for metal particles, however the oil level was correct, and the oil that I got out the gearbox oil filler hole was golden, like new so I didn't investigate further, I think I will have to soon. Let us know how you get on.
  10. PAul what about oil level before starting up -- you did not state anything just gave us the outcome with oil light. be careful with oil burning issue, if any Cheers/Igor Hi guys thanks for your help, Igor the oil level was fine with the engine cold and hot. Cheers
  11. Hi guys, as mentioned above my recently purchased 2001 '51 plate, 1.8 vvti Avensis (Automatic) oil pressure light comes on after flickering 5 mins or so after the cars started up. Theres no obvious noises, as soon as I start it up I think there's a bit of harshness but it goes within seconds then you can rev it from cold or hot and it sounds fine. Does the vvti timing gear or oil pump cause problems? Or does this definitely mean major wear in the bottom end? I'm considering carrying out a repair myself, if the cranks ok would it just be big ends, main, rings, head bolts, fluids and a gasket set? Thanks ever so much and happy new year! Paul
  12. Have you spoken to a Toyota dealer about it? When i took it into my local toyota dealer, they did not want to know, they were not even sure what the code P0750 meant ! and refered me to a local auto gearbox specialist. who i have not used. Ours is now going to a specialist in Gravesend on Monday for a week ? cheers hi by the sounds of it you'll need a new gearbox ecu, P0750 is a shift solonoid fault code, i bought a 02 Rav 4 2.0 GX Auto last year with the same fault code, we checked the solonoids and wiring by dropping the gearbox pan, i contacted www.cheaptoyotaparts.co.uk who virtually guaranteed it would be the ecu not the gearbox as he sells so many! He saved me £150 on a genuine toyota part, still not a cheap job tho, any competent mechanic can fit the ecu, u need a 5 sided torx screwdriver (sorry cant remember which size, just buy a cheap set off ebay) the ecu is located behind the glovebox and u need to program the keys to it, (if you buy from www.cheaptoyotaparts.co.uk he'll include instructions). Cheers Paul
  13. Hi shcm Thanks for your advice, it is a newer shaper Rav 4 2.0 GX, I think it's a great car! What I'm hoping to do is buy a complete 2nd-hand key from ebay and a new blade (it appears to be as cheap to buy a key body with blade) get the blade cut to fit the car, the remote buttons programmed to the car, then the transponder programmed too. I presume this is a Toyota only job? Thanks again :D Paul
  14. Hi guys, I'm new to the forum, thanks in advance for your help! I have a 2001 'X' registered Rav4 with a two button remote key, if I where to buy a 2nd-hand key from ebay is it possible to program it to unlock the car and start the car, if so how much does it cost? Do the keys have transponders fitted? Or is it just a case of programming the remote buttons? Thanks alot Paul