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  1. That last pic is the new one, not sure weather to start a new thread
  2. Plans are to never sell it basically. I'll be removing the stickers, giving it a full restoration and at some point an engine swap.
  3. So... it's been a very very long time since i've been on here and had a number of other cars. I sold the corolla many years ago and always massively regretted it. Last week I managed to pic up another one!
  4. The Tunit box, I'm sure they do a years interest free finance but I just took the 6months option
  5. Lovely set of Team dynamics pro race 1.3, these are the lightest road spec pro race wheels and do not have the embossing on the outer rim like the 1.2's. They are 18x8- pcd 114.3- 60mm center bore, et35. Wrapped in kumo tyres two of which are nearing the limit. I ran them on my auris sr180 for 2 years but have now sold the car. They are in lovely condition with absolutely not kurbing at all. They didn't rub or effect the handling in any way and that was with running lower springs. I'm looking for £450- they cost a lot more when new. They are currently in lincolnshire but I can get them to North yorkshire as I work up there during the week. Feel free to drop me a text (my signal isn't brilliant at work) and I can happily provide more pictures. 07771364634 Thanks Jase
  6. I ran a Tunit box on mine for two years with absolutely no issues and the car was a lot quicker- got an extra 4mpg on the Middle setting and probably could get more on the eco setting. Plus you can do Intrest free for a year :)
  7. They look ok in the pics but they never really seem to do them much justic, in the flesh they look lovely and have a pretty big offset. Oo you'll have to get some pics up then :) the front splitter is my fave part over the stock look. Only cost £90 for the part and painting in the end! And Phil: yeh I bet they'd sit that little bit lower than the eibachs and probably handle even better but you're right, you'd be saving a fortune :)
  8. A rather nicely polished Auris there It's uncanny how close your wheels are to the Dare ST's I've bought for next Spring !
  9. Snap, done exactly the same with the springs and there's a much better feel through the corners :)
  10. ooo that's a nice colour ;)
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