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  1. Does anyone have the part number or know where i can buy the flexible pipe portion of the exhaust for an ST185? The garage quoted me stupid amounts and mentioned dropping the sub frame, so better i do it myself i think :) thanks in advance DB
  2. Thanks for the replies. I live on the isle of man so not only no MOTS but no speed limits either! I have this model: Do the grills just pull out forwards? I was a bit worried that the plastic might have become brittle and would break when i tried to remove the grills :(
  3. Hi all, I am new to the world of GT4's, does everyone drive round with a big grin on their faces all the time? Or is it just me? Can anyone help me with a wee problem i have, due to having no MOTs where i live the police are prone to pulling people over and checking lights and tyres and the like. I was checked around christmas and it was pointed out that one of my front fogs wasnt working. I have had a look at the fogs but i cant work out if i can take the grill out in front of the fog or whether its a bumper out job? Also an MR2 owning friend of mine suggested it miught be a complete sealed fog light and i would need a new one? thanks in advance, apologies if i have waffled a bit. DB
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