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  1. Supra life is good! B)
  2. I would say its worth more than 13-14k. Esp if its a UK TT. Depends on mileage really. Lots of people want the UK for insurance reasons, besides the tech spec differences.
  3. Mine should be up there. Due to be Dyno'd next month, but I estimate 400-450hp current. Single Turbo kit should be in by the Spring. :)
  4. Or you can go to Toyota and but them directly for about 12 quid each. Apparently they are the exact same fit as the Toyota Avensis.
  5. Linkin Park - Live in Texas CD Just saw their show in Cardiff last week on Tuesday. Soooo badass!
  6. I had heard the new 350z was actually designed in the US, which would explain its craptastic performance. It was definitely available there earlier than it was here.
  7. Yet another "new Supra thread"! Its only been what, a week?
  8. Spoke with Leon at JPS and he quoted me 170 each. They are also in stock, so no exccessive shipping wait.
  9. Hrm.. not checked it myself, but I was told Toyota UK replacement glass lenses cost 250 quid a piece!!?? Can anyone confirm?
  10. Supraguy

    Speaker Size

    Spent nearly half an hour looking myself. I need to know this soon as well. :)
  11. Supraguy

    Supra Dials

    I might actually stick with the stock guages to match the nice Greddy ones available. They blend quite nicely with the stock setup.
  12. I have read about the manuals being a tad "clunky". I cant confirm this personally, as I drive an Auto. Best place to ask is here: Try doing a search though, as I am sure its been brought up many times before.
  13. Supraguy

    Supra Dials

    Those are for American MkIV Supras. If you notice, the Fuel and Temp guage is set on the opposite side and the needles the opposite of UK / J-Spec. :( If someone does find the correct White Dials for UK / J-Spec, let me know!! Im definitely interested.
  14. Supraguy

    New Here

    Yes, suprisingly enough I took a job here to save money! Funny, eh?