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    And mines a diesel so pretty pointless. Us D-4D owners get red lettering on our badges from the factory anyway :P Andy
  2. If its a GS then it aint a 2003 model, cos they changed the trim level names for the 2003 cars so they all begin with T Andy
  3. The D4D is based on a VAG design, and has exactly the same specs/outputs as the VAG engines used in the Lupo and Polo, but the engine is manufactured by Toyota. Bit of a silly question as to why BMW wouldn't go straight to VAG for an engine for their new car. They're direct competitors and it wouldn't be good business sense to get an engine for your new car from a direct competitor. Toyota aren't seen by BMW as a threat to their sales/market, so don't have a problem using the D4D instead, even though its based on a VAG engine. Andy
  4. The 3 doors do have memory, on the passenger seat at least. To use it you need to slide the lower part of the seat (the bit you plonk your bum on) back first and it will slide all the way back to where it was originally and click into place. Then return the back support to where it came from..hey presto your seat is back where in its original position again. A lot of people do it the other way round (back support then lower part) which resets the memory. Andy
  5. Sorry to break the news to you but the D4D engine is not a Toyota unit. The engine in the Yaris D4D (and the Mini Diesel) is actually a VAG unit, and can be found in other cars such as the VW Polo and Lupo. alanbradley - I have the same car you're buying, a T3 D4D, and I'm more than happy with it. I needed something which was small (usually only me in the car), economical, and also suited to motorway driving, and the Yaris wins in all 3 categories. I drive 70 miles to work and back every day, and the Yaris takes me there in comfort and silence. The diesel unit is unbelieveably quiet, and most my mates didnt even know it was a diesel until I told them, and even then they wouldnt believe it. Its quiet at tickover, and probably the quietest of all the Yaris' at speed. Even my mate who owns a T-Sport says my D4D is quiter at speed than her car. You wont know yourself with the extra low-end torque. Driving a diesel is sooo effortless. You will find that if you've not driven diesels before that it will take a while to change your driving style, but its so much more relaxed. I used to drive petrol cars and always revved the balls of them to get them anywhere (damn 16v engines!). The D4D has all the power you need up to 3kRPM, and theres no need to rev over that. You'll find your driving style becomes much more relaxed and laid back, but you're still making steady progress. You also have the bonus of extra torque available for overtaking. None of this "drop it down a cog or two" to overtake a tractor..just put your foot down in whatever gear you're in and you will have power available to you. If theres anything else you wanna know about the car then gimme a shout. I'm sure you wont regret the upgrade though :) Andy
  6. Diesel_Power


    It comes 20mm lower than a base model I believe, and believe me it looks a lot lower. I have a T3 D4D with 15" alloys which is at standard ride height, and my mate has a T-Sport and theres a massive difference when they're parked next to each other. Mine looks like a 4x4 compared to the T-Sport. Andy
  7. The springs only drop a standard Yaris 30mm, not the T-Sport which as you said already runs 20mm lower.The total drop on a T-sport is still only 30mm I believe. Andy
  8. I believe the steering wheel remote is standard on the T-Spirits. I was in my dads dealership the other day and the 2003 model T-Spirit they had in the showroom had the remote fitted. Sounds like you might need to give your dealer a call to get it fixed. I'd give my dad a shout to find out for sure if they're standard or not, but he's away for a few days and isn't contactable. Andy
  9. Some of the Corolla Sports pack prices are insane. I was in my dads dealership the other day and they've kitted a T3 out with the sports pack. The TTE rear silencer is £400 PLUS fitting !! The whole sports pack does loom sweet though !! I'm getting my Yaris -30mm TTE springs for £70 and then paying one of the mechanics a few beers to fit them on a saturday afternoon for me :) Andy
  10. Cheers for the pics guys. Its the TTE springs I'm getting, so the car should look pretty good ! Its running way to high at the mo, but that probably because Its only 5 days old and not had a chance to settle in yet. Have most of you found your Yaris's to drop after putting a few miles on them ?? My old man brought home an X reg CDX the other night and it looked much lower than my T3 does, so I'm guessing they do drop over time ? Andy
  11. Hi peeps, I dont suppose anyone has any pics of a Yaris lowered -30mm running 15s (ideally in silver)?? I'm about to get mine done and would like some idea of what the cars gonna look like before I splash my cash :) Cheers, Andy
  12. As YarisBoy says, you really wont come across geometry problems until you're lowering 50mm upwards. The TTE -30mm springs I'm about to get fitted to my T3 are a straight swap over for the standard items. The car definately needs them though, as with the 9 spoke TTE alloys with 195/50/15 Dunlop rubber I've just fitted, the car just doesnt sit right. Its not too bad with thick chunky tyres, but once you get low-profiles the car seems to sit higher (even though its not). Andy
  13. Hi peeps..this is my first post on here so treat me nicely :) Got a brand new Yaris D4D turning up next week fitted with -30mm lowering springs and 9-spoke alloys from the new Yaris Sport Pack. What I want to know is if theres anything else I can do with the car ?? I'm not looking for bodykits or other stick-on parts, cos the only extra bodywork I'm gonna add to the car is a T-Sport boot spoiler. The car looks great as it is. What I'm looking for is any way of getting extra power out of the 1.4 lump. Anyone know of any aftermarket exhausts for it, or air filters ?? Cheers in advance for the info ! Andy
  14. How come the Yaris is taking so long to arrive ?? I ordered a Yaris T3 D4D in silver a week ago and I pick it up next week! Two weeks from ordering to delivery. Suppose it does help that my old man runs the dealership :) Andy