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  1. Ikelos

    What Is It ?

    I am sure sensors on the front would be a lot better than those I have on the back, we have the camera for the back, but with the long bonnet most of the time we are not sure if it is almost touching or miles away.....
  2. Ikelos

    Prius 10

    anyone else got a Prius 10, mine is number 0499, so there must be at least another 498 out there some where. of if we go from the other end should be 999
  3. Ikelos


    we got our prius T spirit, 59 plate,in sept 59, one month ago we traded it in for a Prius 10, and we got £18000, I thought that was too good to turn down, only went in there on impulse.....
  4. good grief, the word krooklock, brings back memories, last heard of in the 50s, did not know they still made them, or worse still someone using one. :crybaby:
  5. i just had to go out and check, I got a magnetic GB plate, never used it, anyway, as you say, the tailgate and bonnet are aluminium. we live and learn.
  6. good grief, my first set of wheels was a 100E, oh happy days.......
  7. I see there is no mention of a Prius, but it does say you can email them, and they will tell you, other than that I have no idea..
  8. nice one... so that makes two of us with a bit of class..
  9. we have had our 10th anniversary model now for two weeks, well pleased, in the photo of the car above, seamasters car, what is the bit under the headlight, is it a headlamp washer..............thanks
  10. oh dear. I might have given false information, just been out to try it on the new car, and the windows did not go up sorry
  11. hi. in a word, no. but it will shut the windows if they are open when you lock the car up, if you continue to press the remote button
  12. Ikelos


    no mud flaps, and the carpet mats were £60 inc vat, which I did pay for. in fact delivery was £659, number plates £44.40.and the white paint job was £625.
  13. Ikelos


    on the bill the charge for supagard was £350, which they took off the bill. not sure I would have paid that amount. although the car is brand new, supagard and the rear parking sensors, were fitted before I got it, so both were supplied free. and to place my order on the 15th July and took delivery on the 26th July. I can only guess someone else could not go through with it..................some you win, some you lose..............
  14. Ikelos

    What Is It ?

    as you say, no need for a switch in the boot for the rear parking sensors, in fact can not see the need for any sort of switch, although I have them fitted, does one really need them, seeing as we have the camera on the back. as for the front sensors, I read thay always come with a switch, because in traffic they would be going off all the time.
  15. Ikelos

    What Is It ?

    the thingy was indeed stuck on, and the wire was about a foot long, so I un-stuck it, and re-stuck it on the inside, away from the rear of the bulbs, pushed the surplus wire down inside re-fitted the cover..............all sorted. oh, and no switch anywhere.................
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