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  1. just checked there, the button has made an indent in the existing spongy piece so going to sort it out now while im still slighty sane lol! Thanks Marc!
  2. you are a genius!! that sounds like it. the sensor is located close to the windscreen isnt it? a white push button thing?
  3. ahhh just posted up this problem myself, soo angry i didnt read the rest of the threads, sorry mods
  4. for the last few weeks, my car alarm in my t sport has been going off for no reason what so ever, and as you can all imagine it is the most annoying noise out there. has been occuring nearly every day and has happened twice already today. it has went off both at home and at college, but more so at home. Anybody had experiences with this or know what is causing it? About 9 months ago it was happening and we realised it was coming from the microwave, but after renewing the microwave it has stoppped. please help, i feel like setting the car on fire :(
  5. i love those buddy club wheels man! both t sports looks awesome!
  6. i stuck 2 ring xenon max light bulbs in tonight, some difference in them! nice white light. main dipped beam are different from the main beam and quite the !Removed! to get out lol these ones are road and mot legal
  7. 22 Years old 2 Years NCB £1025 from axa with breakdown etc. 3 points and its fully comp in my own name...Insurance in Northern Ireland is Scandallous
  8. cant go wrong with a.g super resin, but my friend who i used to valet cars with started to use "zaino - best polish in the world" and its amazing stuff, even when used sparingly. its £17.95 from cleanyourcar.co.uk but most definatley worth it. couple that with some collonite double coat wax and u will have a really good finish, durable protection for a small price. :)
  9. i done the same as -t-sport... got mine welded and the bracket isnt needed (i lost mine) i just stuck a screw in the whole or you cod even stick some mastic in it.
  10. thats what i was thinking, im in a catch 22 situation. if i test the springs out by putting them in, i cant sell them for as much as i want to. may just have to bite the bullet.
  11. hey, iv bought myself some wheels and eibach lowering springs. but i dont know if the car will sit low enough so i need pictures and opinions on whether it is low enough. my only option is to sell the springs and buy coilovers but that wont be until january. Info appreciated Thanks, Dan
  12. found one but at 70 quid, itll cost as much as the ipod nearly, thanks though. theres bound to be a cheaper alt.
  13. hi people, need advice, i want to buy an ipod and hardwire it to my radio, i know this can be done on car using an additional plug but can it be done to the corolla t sport radio? i know they are that little bit different and generally a pain in the *****. i appreciate that you can buy a fm modulator but the quality isnt great and i like to listen to my tunes very loud. can anybody help? thanks, dan
  14. i done my cold air feed on sunday, !Removed! nightmare, no room to work with at all, mounted it under the tray and coming up to under the filter, i have a heat sheild over the top of it, havent noticed any difference, i thought i would have notice bit more roar. anybody else noticed a different note?
  15. my mate has a astra vxr nurburgring and it would leave the cts for dead...very very quick cars, and that remus exhaust sounds amazing, hes added a bailey BOV which makes a nice tune.
  16. the lack of tuner parts availible, and that clutch!
  17. thanks guys, going to give it a miss, no cheapness will b put on my rolla lol. i think ill just buy brighter bulbs, take the yellow look off them
  18. whoever that pc powertrip is, he sounds like an *****!! front window tint!! wtf!
  19. going to be adding a cold air feed pretty soon i think, anybody got any good tips on what to buy and where to find it?
  20. that also seems like a good offer, im not too sure on the whole hids thing. what lights do they give u, side? main? full beam?
  21. spotted this on ebay http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Toyota-Corolla-T-Spo...id=p3286.c0.m14 does anybody know anything about them, i may b interested as its only £60
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