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  1. Happy Birthday BRIDGES!

  2. All depends where you go. I had a full cat back for £280. Back boxes can be had for £99...slightly more!
  3. I tried both & preferred the 6000k only because the light output was far greater.... Plus not as noticeable as 8000k because they are blue! The higher you go the brighter they get but that will effect how much light output you get.
  4. 45mm H&R springs is the lowest you can get :)
  5. awesome lol damn i want that car bad lol...in grey though the good thing about these VAG cars is that you can tune them easily to produce more power than the !Removed! i drove the new leon (07 plate) 2ltr tdi and felt pretty quick but if i do get one i would defo remap it so its that little bit more quicker The Grey is a nice colour but coming from Grey wanted to be different so I opted for Red which I think is the best colour available..... but then I would say that :) hehe. Drove it again to work and man such a joy to drive, so easier(lazier) than the T-Sport and so quiet with the Miltek until you gun it :D I will always miss the T-Sport but am loving the LCR and I'll stay on here if you want advice. Peace out people and many thanks for all your comments on the LCR and especially the ROlla.
  6. The standard clutch is ok to hold up to 350bhp and a bonus it was changed at 45k at a large cost of over £900!! Why so high...they have dual mass flywheels :) It's home safe & loving it :)
  7. Down Swansea way buddy so not far, only 45 mins away. Keeping it in Wales though ;)
  8. Small world indeed then. Am picking it up tomorrow woooop woooop :D
  9. Gareth is it? That your mate in Barry?
  10. Well this is exactly the same. The torque is nuts, leave it in 4th and pulls harder than the T-Sport in LIFT Cheers KP. It caught my eye because it looks OEM on the outside but I wouldn't want to challenge it! Yeah the yellow didnt take my fancy at all. Was either going to be Red, Silver or Grey but having had Grey i opted for Red. I know the Red can fade at times but that aint going to happen with my OCDness. Intercooler will be put on at some stage but its not needed but as you say will improve performance and look nice. So there will be mods here and there but not all the time like the Rolla. Glad you all like
  11. Well I opted for this car in particular as its already modded, bit boring to some but next year I'm saving for a deposit on a house so won't have the funds to do any large mods. But it has: Weitec coilovers Stage 2 jbs remap (280bhp 300ft lb torque) Full miltek with down pipe & decat Jetex induction Forge007 DV And many more :D
  12. I have said before & I do have pics of it already so do you want to see it???
  13. Well its gone :crybaby: Will miss it loads but have had the best 3 years of my life with it. Yeah I should be getting the new whip on Saturday and will post pics up to show you all.
  14. Well tomorrow could be the day the Rolla goes guys :( Going to be sad to see it go but if it sells i'll be purchasing the new car on Saturday, so still smiling. I'll let you know if it does sell and tell the new owner to join. If it does go this Rolla's new home will be in Birmingham.
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