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  1. Cheers mate for your reply! Yeah, I've checked inside the cigarette lighter and all is ok. I think I should test both sides of the cigarette lighter fuse-holder with a testmeter...for power continuation. It's just so annoying, having nothing to power/charge my stuff!! There's no power outlet in the rear...only a blank ashtray. :-(
  2. Are you absolutely sure on the fuse? Sometimes they can look to be intact but have a small break/burn in the loop. Check there is power both sides of the fuse with a test light. Can't remember the fuse number off-hand but it's 15amp (blue) in the centre row, right hand side of the board if it's the earlier shape and if memory serves me well , not sure on the later one. Cheers mate for your reply! Yeah, the fuse is ok. But I haven't tested both sides of the fuse as you suggested. Otherwise I'm thinking the wiring loom is burnt out. :-(
  3. Hi Gordon. Your problem might also be dodgey diesel. I had the same trouble with my 03 D4D. I go to reputable filling stations now and have never had the same problem since. mloc. :-)
  4. Roy, I had the very same problem with my car 6 weeks ago. My car is the same as yours...a 2003 Toyota Avensis d4d. I was on the motorway too and the very same happened to me. I later found out the problem was dodgey diesel....agricultural diesel with the dye taken out of it by chemicals. Needless to say, i have not gone back to the garage where i got the dodgey diesel and all is fine again. Just watch where you get your diesel from. Collie.
  5. mloc

    Clutch Faulty?

    Hi dj, Yeah, it sounds like the previous garage pulled a quick one!!. All parts of a clutch are matched in the factory. Hence, a part from one clutch can't be mixed with a part from another clutch...for example, using a flywheel from another clutch. £1,100 sounds a bit steep too for changing a clutch. Would advise you to stay away from the previous garage you mentioned.
  6. Hi Marco polo, I had the very same problem with my 2003 Avensis D4D two years ago. I brought it to a Toyota garage (Malones of Navan)to get repaired. Turned out to be a gate-valve stuck open on the turbo. They fixed it by re-setting it with the hand-held diagnostics computer and they also re-set the engine management light. Only cost me €80.00 for the lot. They did recommend a new turbo to be fitted (but not necessary), but i declined to have it fitted. I have had no problems like this since. Hope this helps. :-)
  7. Hi jongy, To me, it sounds like your starter motor is dead. It's located on the side of the engine fly-wheel. So you might need to replace it. Dead glow plugs won't stop a car turning over when you turn the key in the ignition. Or as suggested earlier, the ignition barrel might need to be replaced.
  8. HI D4D777, Have you checked that the glow-plugs are working and there is power getting to same. Might be the glow-plug fuse blown or the glow-plugs themselves are burnt out...??? Another option is that your fuel filter is blocked and might need to be changed...??? mloc.
  9. I have a 2003 Avensis 2.0 litre D4D diesel and I'm getting 55mpg out of it most times. Sometimes it can be as high as 65mpg. I would put his down to the way I drive it. I drive between 50mph and 60mph all the time...(can't drive any faster on the crap roads we have here in Ireland.) I was once told that the optimal efficiency for the best miles per gallon for all cars is set at 55mph and I believe in it thoroughly. So if you keep your speed around this limit, your miles per gallon should improve.
  10. Hi! I have a 2003 Toyota Avensis D4D (2.0 litre diesel). The cigarette lighter does not work at all. Here's how it stopped working: I was using the cigarette lighter socket to power a mini-compressor to pump up a flat tyre. While doing so, the power wire from the mini-compressor got hot and then it stopped. I then checked the cigarette lighter and found that it no longer worked. I checked the cigarette-lighter fuse behind the glove box and it is perfect. Also noticed that the illumination for the cigarette lighter did not work a couple of weeks well as the illumination for both the a/c switch and the fan control switch on the centre console. Are they related to the cigarette lighter??? My main concern though do i get the cigarette lighter back working???...because i really need it to charge my phone and sat nav while I'm driving. Any help is much appreciated.