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  1. Many Happy returns Dell hope you had a great day, (Fri 26th) thanks for all you do on the forum best wishes Stew :toot: :happybday:
  2. congrats Kev on new car!!! congrats Clare on new Hubby!!! Same advice to both of you, Service them regularly, keep their tummy's full, a brisk polish now and then! and they should last for years Stew
  3. Thanks everyone and happy birthday to ben, now its so long since i have posted how do you bring up the smileys (emoticons)????? :) Stew
  4. Have a great birthday Dave bestest wishes Stew
  5. Have they made you a POPE??? Chatters, welcome back mate, and about time you spent some of that cash and bought a new Rav.. Stew
  6. Thanks for that Don, and the other carravaners, I actually have a mover on my van, but as it is in storage between trips i do not get much practise at reversing so i tend not to use the mover to give me a bit of reversing practice, I was also told that when you reverse uphill you are pushing against the vans brakes this seems a bit unlikely to me, but has anyone got an opinion on this?? Stew
  7. Has anyone had the smelly/smoking clutch syndrome when reversing up a moderate slope? or am i a bad reverser? i am told it is harmless, although a bit embarassing when it happens!! other than that my rav tows brilliantly and returns pretty good mpg Stew (p.s. I am a novice caravanner)
  8. Manxy happy returns, have a great day, hugs + kisses stew.. :group-cuddles: :happybday: :toot:
  9. Many happy returns ,have a great day, best wishes Stew :happybday: :toot:
  10. Afraid so Anchs!! anyway off to Wales for a week now in my van so if you are going to shout at me I won't know, but can be found walking my pup on Harlech beach... Stew.. PS Local Heroine, thinks you look rather handsome in that photie, but then she did marry me, so not much taste there then :shutit:
  11. A star is for life,matie (or until it is torn from your chest by an higher authority at an official disciplinery hearing) Del Here is that higher authority, (note the gong) officiating at just such a diciplinary hearing, P.s several glasses of pear cider were consumed prior to photo Stew
  12. I wasn't trying to make any sort of statement here, and Tbh would have liked a few more answers myself, unfortunately foreign businessmen are more inclined to talk about, The weather, the economy, and MUFC/ Liverpool fc, usually in that order, i am sure every fuel company would like us to believe that their secret additive ( which is about as secret as colonel Sanders southern fried chicken recipe.. i.e all the same).. Is the only product, that will increase mpg, clean our engines, and give us an extra 10,000 mls before our engines disintegrate.. Just as a daft thought, I wonder if we could organise a tour of said refinery, then onto Toyotas engine plant 20mls away at Deeside, then round to Lindop 5mins away to see an engine change, then on to Kingos favorite curry house in Ellesmere Port ...Stew
  13. Had a nice chap from the Netherlands in my cab today, took him to Shells tech research centre at Stanlow, so i asked him the differences between fuels, And if my memory serves me well, this is his explanation... All crude oil arrives at the refineries, where it is refined into various petro chemical products to include, petrol, diesel, paraffin, kerosene, Etc Etc even bitumen was mentioned. In the case of petrol, and diesel, it is pumped/ taken to the supply/distribution depots where it is stored in the huge tanks we are all familiar with, at this point it is the basic fuel and is exactly the same, only when it is known where it is being distributed to, IE Tesco, Asda. Shell,texaco, does it take on a different identity, this is achieved by the addition of additives, who's formulae is a closely guarded secret by rival companies, these additves are actually only added as the fuel is loaded into the tankers for delivery, which is why you hear people say they have seen Tesco/ Bp tankers in a shell depot i cannot vouch for any of this, but somehow i do not think this guy was the Tea boy!!!
  14. Well done and well deserved Weblers, Stew
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