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  1. Hi, Ok, I’m with you now. Sorry I cannot help. Maybe a visit to the dealer or probably even better an email to customer services?. Regards, Oscar
  2. Hi, I downloaded the 2019v1? map to a computer and copy the key number. Then I unzipped the file to a empty usb drive. I plugged the usb drive to the USB port at the front, turn the car on and follow the instructions on the screen. Once the system recognises the file it ask for the key number. Its a big file, around 11gb so it takes a long time to update, around an hour and a half?. Regards, Oscar
  3. Hi I think you have surpassed yourself. Carry on with your present, past and future. Regards, O
  4. Hi, Im sure all your information is right. But If they were concerned they wouldn’t be implementing those systems in some cars and not in others. That the Rav4 in the US had Apple CarPlay from the first day and the one in Europe don’t is contradictory with being concern. So sorry but I don’t think you comment stands. At all. Regards, O
  5. Hi, So Yes then :). They cannot be so concerned about the privacy when some versions of the Aygo uses it and they are adding CarPlay to other models. Regards, O
  6. Hi, Fair point and I share their concerns but it has to be something else as they offer Car Play on other models. Regards, O
  7. Hi, Yes, I totally agree. It should be included specially when you don’t have a great sat nav and/or media system. It gets even worse because apparently Apple doesn’t charge any fees... Once you get use to it is very difficult to live without one. Regards, O
  8. Hi, He is talking about the European version even though all the time speaks about entune system. Apparently and due to the pressure from the customers, Toyota has decided to install Apple CarPlay on the 2019 Corollas and Rav4. He says that as the hardware is essentially the same, Apple CarPlay should be able to be retrofitted via software. He doesn’t think that other features like remote start etc will be installed as Toyota does not believe European customers want to get into a monthly payment to enjoy them. He says this should happen during the next couple of months although he cannot specified a day. I asked about this when I collected my Rav and I was told there are rumours within Toyota but nothing official yet. Regards, O
  9. oie

    USB ports

    Hi, Thanks. Yes, I know I can get an adaptor. But I was under the impression all Rav4 were coming with 5 usb sockets. Regards, O
  10. oie

    USB ports

    Hi, Yes, two for the rear passengers and one on the central console. On the literature says “up to five” so I guess that should explain it. Dont ever assume...;) Regards, O
  11. oie

    USB ports

    Hi, My UK Rav4 2019 Design Trim does not come with USB ports in the central compartment, the one between the front seats. Instead, There seems to be another 12v connector. I was under the impression they came with two additional UsB ports there?. Regards, O
  12. oie

    Which Tyres RAV4

    Hi, Yes, it must be. According the Lady at the garage, it was the first 4wd she has handed. I haven’t seen any New RAV4 on the road yet. Regards, Oscar
  13. oie

    Which Tyres RAV4

    Hi, Car collected this morning. Hybrid Design AWD i, UK. Dunlop SP 😞 Regards, O
  14. oie

    Which Tyres RAV4

    Hi, I thought they were pt30? Regatds, Oscar
  15. Hi, I believe a ship has arrived this week so hopefully many more will get theirs. I was quoted beginning of May at the time. Is a lease through Toyota financial services. Regards, O