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  1. Ive already had this problem which i mentioned over page..! ;-)
  2. Yeah i seen it about in a few other places too... Do yer diggin ;-)
  3. If you want a completely problem free car, then you ain't gonna get one... the closest japanese car you'll get to it tho will be a Honda...
  4. They have a new Celica GT4 on the way... and a GT... Supposedly using the new subaru engine which is 300bhp..!! So it should be a pretty sweet car ;-)
  5. Well i sent my stuff back to car audio security as it didnt fit and it was too expensive... Im still awaiting the refund... And it was a huge task to get them to actually take it back...!! If this wiring is managed by someone then ill buy another connector from the other previous link ;-)
  6. Cheers chenks...! i was thinking about this yesterday, i think i may do this if i get no luck with another adaptor...
  7. I agree with most of it..!! I love my TS, but in looks and performance its just not up to that of the CTR... But it is cheaper... ;-)
  8. its only a tenner over altogether... £35 for the connector, £15 for the alpine lead and then £10 postage... Id expect to pay £50 for it all if I knew I could have got them elsewhere...!!
  9. You can do, but I think I over paid for it all... And i obviously want the same cash back... I paid £60 for the connector, an alpine lead connector and postage... I assume you dont need the alpine connector??
  10. Chenks you will be ok, ive just had my stereo out and the pre facelift model uses a different connector... So i gotta send mine back... Not happy..!
  11. Oh and FYI my standard stereo in my 52 corolla is a Matsu*****a... So if it doesn't work ill be very suprised, and ill be straight on the phone!!
  12. My bits were delivered, but i wasnt in so i gotta go to the depot tmro to get them!! So we will know soon... Sheriff - if you asked for CTSTY001 then you wont have a wrong connector, but if it is true that pre facelift and facelift have different connectors then this could be our problem... we will soon find out... For the stereo connector you will need a wide and thin plug (make sence?) Chenks - the adaptor has always been listed on the connects2 website? but only if CTSTY001 was put into the search engine that is...
  13. I kinda like them..! although I know they arent as good as the old ones...