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    For me it's the Rav4 D4D Luna (2012) and the better half has a Rav4 1.8 Luna 5 door (2005) - plus a 1978 model CB750 K78 (oh dear!)
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  1. Happy Birthday Robert6920!

  2. @57SWIFTS, I think Firemac's suggestion is the best (and what I'd have done if I hadn't been lucky enough to find it under the bonnet) - send a photo (or reference mine) to Kingo (Parts-King)
  3. Many thanks - especially for this post. I hadn't thought to look but there it was, sitting under the bonnet as you said. Now, where's the EvoStik? go raibh maith agat
  4. Afternoon all, and hello from a rainy Ireland (what's new?) Have just washed my OH's Rav4.2, and spotted a missing section of the windscreen seal. Photo below - it's about an 8cm section in the bottom corner. Incidentally, those of a nervous disposition should NOT look at the cost of a year's Road Fund Licence here in Ireland....... My question is, does anyone know what the missing bit's called, as I suspect that Toyota wouldn't have put it on the car if it wasn't necesary, so I'd better replace it! But before I can order from Kingo, it would be best to know what it is I want. The second photo's of the other side of the car, and shows the missing bit's sister. Thanks in anticipation
  5. I switch to winter tyres (Michelin Latitude Alpin) on 1 Oct and back on 1 March. They have significantly better grip in winter conditions. The tyre supplier I bought them from swaps the tyres over and stores the ones he's taken off free of charge. One initial outlay and, as long as you keep the vehicle a few years (or buy a new one just the same!) you'll get the full value of them
  6. Thanks Don and Clare, I'm really happy with it. I had a petrol before but I reckon this is smoother and pulls like mad from low down. Already the consumption meter is showing 8.2l/100km (as opposed to 10.2l/km in the petrol) and I think it's got a slightly bigger tank - 60 instead of 50 Litres? The finish is like a mirror, I daren't touch it! There's a lot missing compared to the UK versions (rrp here is around €36k) and no, I don't have a touch and go radio as far as I know. But yes, it has a spare wheel! Even allowing for bias, I think they look better with, than without The ride is better, the seats are firmer (but there again I'd done 148k km in the old one) and this morning I wrestled the dog guard into place and put the boot liner in - not exactly big mods! My only daughter got married a fortnight ago so I'm still on cloud nine - broke, but on cloud 9 - and the car is a lovely treat.
  7. Just wanted to show off my new Rav4...
  8. Thanks Chris. I think the Latitude tyre is excellent. I change them over to winter tyres (Michelin Alpins) in October (and back in March) and am not long into my second set of Latitude Tours, so I'd guess at around 60,000 km. I put the Michelins on early on in the Rav4's life and believe them to be quieter and more economic in terms of l/100km - MPG We live out in the country and although Ireland (usually) doesn't get the cold winters of the UK, the winters of 2010 and 2011 were humdingers and there is not an ounce of salt or grit spread within 10miles of our village, so for me, the winter tyres are a must. HTH!
  9. Lord bless you all, thank you for the lovely re-welcome! Anchorman, Parts-King, shcm especially! I have "additional responsibilities" at work now (due to being distracted a year or so ago and not realising how I was being "stitched up"!) so am up and down to Shannon and Cork airports each month as they are part of my flock now, too. Hence the mileage! I am hoping to get a replacement Rav4 shortly - we have to hang onto the cars for 4 years due to the parlous state of the economy - but the upside is I can still get a Rav4 with spare wheel on the back, which I think is an impossibility in UK (?) Cars are much more expensive in Ireland and hence the lower spec :censor: but there does appear to be a silver lining.... I will keep in touch and look forward to playing a bit more of my part in the forum Anchorman, thanks, Hi from both of us to both of you
  10. I'm also returning after a long absence, not from the Rav4 but from this forum. I've missed the banter! And I need a new Rav4! This one is going great guns and has never missed a beat
  11. I'd certainly second that - quiet, good grip, very happy
  12. Good evening guys and forgive the intrusion into your forum of someone who doesn't own a landcruiser - or at least, not a whole one! I do, however, own a Rav4 and an old Hilux, and it is about the latter that I have a question My old Hilux has 17 inch Landcruiser wheels on it. Could someone please let me know the wheel width - I think it's 8 inches (and indeed an 8J to be specific) They have Michelin Cross Terrain 265/65R17s on them and if I can find out the rim width I'll be able to work out the max tyre size. Here's a picture which I hope will help identify them to you afficionados Thanks in advance PS they are the shiniest things on the old pickup Robert
  13. I think the white is stunning - although I'm a bit freaked that there are no footprints leading to/from the vehicle....... My "new" Hilux is white......
  14. Considering I paid €14.99 for one litre of Castrol Magnatec 5W-30 in my local (Irish) Halfords the other day , it seems incredible value
  15. From the 2006 - 09 handbook. Better late than never....? scan0001.pdf