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  1. Well bud, i have a levin bz-r with a momo steering wheel with a starlet boss.. it sits close to the indicator and wiper stalks so best to get the correct boss
  2. Well bud is engine still there? Would you take 200 cash for it? Thanks
  3. Hi welcome fellow levin owner :P i changed over my bz-g from auto to manual last year, all you need is... -5 speed manual box -clutch -pressure plate -all 4 mounts - best to change them all whilst you can get at them -gear linkage -gear shifter - clutch and brake pedal - brake cervo - you will need to make a hole for it to bolt to the bulk head ( not a hard job) A hole lot of love and a few swear words and you can have it done in a weekend :P its took me a full weekend from friday night to sunday afternoon with 3 of us doing it. BTW the auto box is really hevy so get some man power for it haha Join up on www.ae111.com as a few people have done it. Good luck and let us know how u get on!
  4. Hi guys im after a corolla (1993-1997) shape must be 3 door and ideally white. Doesnt need to be running or have test Cash waiting let me know what ya have got
  5. Hi guys im after the runner for the back window as mine is sticking... i replaced the motor so im guessing its the regulator that the glass is attached to. Thanks
  6. Hi anyone know anything about changing the turbo seals on a starlet GT turbo??? im thinking of buying one that needs them changing... is it a big job? Thanks...
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