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  1. Although since buying my Yaris I've noticed how many of us there are out there, I often raise an eyebrow before I realise that a lot of the drivers out there are no way members on here. How do we spot each other or is it a case of the few knowing each other from meets etc? Are there any TOC stickers available on here?
  2. Is it possible to upgrade the interior/exterior of my P2 T3 5 door to that of say an SR or TSport (I know ones a 5 door and the other aint etc). Forget the upholstery – thinking more along the the lines bumpers, alloys, adding a spoiler (which I've just bought new for £30, just needs spraying), swapping manual wing mirrors to electric ones etc. What interior differences are they? I saw a CDX model at the w/e and noticed small things like leather steering wheel and gear-knob etc. The idea is to set mine aside from the standard model by 'tastefully' upgrading mine so it doesn't look like some 'Kev' has hap-hazardly spent a fortune at Halfords on it (you get the picture).
  3. Since I've had my car, it's had an annoying whistling sound coming from the driver's side wing mirror. I know its coming from here cuz when I drive, I've had my hand out of the window and had my finger over the slit on the mirror where it folds in - its as if the whistling sound from the wind is right where the spring is inside the mirror but don't fancy covering it with tape ot get rid of it. Just wondered if anyone else has had this problem and fixed it. I don't normally notice it for my music but now I know its there, its proper annoying.
  4. Whats the general consensus for window tinting and percentage of tints? Whilst I do want to get mine done tastefully, I want it to look tinted rather than showroom tinted but want to avoid it looking like a chav's taxi. I have a silver 5 door and the best price I've been given so far for all side windows and rear screen has been £190 from a company in Leeds.
  5. I've noticed a few Yaris similar to mine but the rubber bumper strips are colour coded to the rest of the car - it this something thats easy enough to do yourself, better getting a pro to do it, or buying them colour coded from a dealer? Same question would apply for the colour coded wing mirrors as well.
  6. try here - I buy a lot of mine from here and they seem to be really well priced. http://www.audio66.com I bought my Sony Xplod from there a few years ago for £99 delivered and it came within 2 days - Unicar in Leeds couldn't even get it under £200. good luck
  7. Am assuming your passenger has a really bad flatulence problem?
  8. Is that how much they'd cost to refurb? What and how do they do that then? Where did you get yours blackened up from and how much was that?
  9. Is there some info I could go forearmed with when look at replacing my cacky standard wheels for some blinging alloys, such as nut spacing, thread depth etc? Also, whats the size most people go for when putting alloys on their cars and which ones are worth avoiding? I know my local Motosave always seem to have good offers on alloys, or is this for a good reason, being that their rubbish/soft/inferior alloy? Just rang Leeds Toyota up for a price for new TSport 15" alloys - £245 each - ouch!
  10. I have a P2 T3 1.3 and am looking at options for engine tuning without going ridiculous and spending thousands. Who has had what done and what bits have you also bolted on as additional parts (K&N air filters etc)?
  11. Nice one - where do I get one from, or is it a dealer only part?
  12. Too late - the Corsa has gone, and tbh, if I'm gonna do this right, I'd rather get some that looked the dogs rather than hand-me-downs from my own car. Cheers though
  13. I often look at car dust covers in ARGOS and think "could you be ubikd with one of them", but after spending 3 hours+ cleaning your car to have it coated in cack like that, I could justify it totally. Ok. I don't 'Often' look at them...
  14. Y4R15 D4N

    Yaris Eyebrows

    could you not take some sort of a cast off of an existing pair and make a mould from that? Either that or fashion one from fibre-glass? Dunno - just guessing now. How do you normally create things like this? I'd certainly be interested in a pair.
  15. As I'm looking to slap a boot spoiler on my newly acquired Yaris, I'm looking at best options, fitting tips do's and don'ts. I have seen a few for sale on ebay but the tend to look different (even tho they are standard Yaris spoilers) to the ones on the TSport model. Is this so, or is it the TSports I've seen have had theirs upgraded? I like the fact that the TSport ones seem to have longer vertical sides than those on say the CDX models, but don't want to go toally ridiculous and put one on that makes it look like the old RS Turbo 'pram' spoiler. God they looked pants.