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  1. Notebook

    Google maps

    Is that visible in apps?
  2. Notebook

    Google maps

    2017 with plus ice is it possible to get google maps onto the display? thanks
  3. My partners son has the car at present but the reversing sensors have packed in. I understand that these were not an option when the car was new. Where should I look when I get access to the car. looking to fit a new kit, but the existing keeps beeping in reverse so need to disable / remove it thanks
  4. Logged in previously chose ice click to go to eu update throws you out as now closed and back to square one
  5. Regard the maps mytoyota said to register at mytoyota Europe and that has now closed. can you help? thanks
  6. How do I know if it is only standard? thanks
  7. Hi All How do I know what alarm my C-HR hybrid 2017 excel has for insurance? how do I and can I update the maps? Are they free for so long? thanks nick
  8. Have you a diagram/ info to help replace a parking sensor on rear of my 3 door RAV4 55

    I can feel the wires and some joker had twisted the supply wires together and covered it in tape. 
    looking to remove duff one and make off connections or run new harness etc. 
    what’s best. 
    problem is really access. 

  9. 55 plate 3 door rear reversing sensor problem place in reverse and continuous tone i know they should click how do I access them
  10. Hi All Sensors work then don’t etc. If they don’t, by which I mean they continually sound. Anyway of resetting them etc? thanks