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  1. The brakes were binding and ere greased a few times and the disks were on mot list for a few years. Thanks for all your help
  2. Thanks. Not sure what the pins are, but I take it that would add a few quid
  3. Front brakes on 55 plate. All changed. How much should it cost?
  4. Hi I have an air on problem. It works fine when it is quite warm, but if it’s a really hot day, it runs fine for a few minutes and then the air conditioning light flashes on and off and the air goes warm... Any help appreciated
  5. Hi all looking to get a chr hybrid what models have heated seats? any have heated steering wheel? anyone fitted a dash cam? looking to lease until the electric market sorts itself out thanks
  6. Could you see that the clutch wasn’t engaging with the bonnet up
  7. Hi For years been getting 28 or 29 mpg using Sainsbury’s, Asda and a few other. Nothing much changed. Filled up the other day with Texaco and getting 34 mpg. Could this be a one off ? anyone else found this?
  8. Hmmm🤔 bit lazy for that 😀
  9. Hi do you think the rear spoiler or whatever it’s called would be ok to go through a car wash?
  10. Notebook

    Aircon error

    Thanks. I do use it in the winter for that. Will pop to the local Toyota specialist. Cheers
  11. Notebook

    Aircon error

    In hotter weather aircon light starts flashing and aircon blows hot air. Happening more frequently. Any ideas. 55 plate. Had it 10 years and never had it regassed. Are the kits on eBay or Amazon any good
  12. what mpg would you imagine with the 1.5?