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  1. Hi All Sensors work then don’t etc. If they don’t, by which I mean they continually sound. Anyway of resetting them etc? thanks
  2. Telephoned Toyota Newport South Wales gave all the info and as parts people had gone home, said they would ring me.... you guessed it - they didn’t bother will go to Cardiff from now on. anyone know where I can just order one?
  3. Does it say shaft diameter and washer outside diameter to use
  4. Thanks have found it but by looking down on the compressor it looks different hence my question. Thanks
  5. Mine is a 55 plate and I believe it was the last of 5he short wheel base 3 door.
  6. Hi aircon playing up. Started a year or two ago and was failing in really hot weather. Red light on button blinking. Plenty of gas in there. Worked less and less. Run for 10 mins and quit etc. I know there is a gap for the clutch to operate. Anyone have any info or isometrics etc cheers
  7. Also outside diameter if you can. 😁

  8. The shim used on the ac clutch was 6mm hole?

  9. Hi Anchorman 

    55 old shape rav4. Do you know the air gap setting for the ac compressor clutch?


  10. Could someone draw exactly where the gap is measured. Thanks