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  1. I forgot to say, thank you and adios amigos.
  2. This Rav 4 section will die. We will all move over. Amen.
  3. It's a shame Charlie has gone (only just noticed) because he helped a lot of members on this matter.
  4. The reason I looked at this is because we are considering running only one car. This would mean 12-15k m.p.a. Just another area where Toyota are slightly behind their European competitors.
  5. I think the mercedes one is better. 15k or annual, whichever comes first. Average use of a vehicle you can easily run up 10k.
  6. Yes but to me it diminishes the 5 year warranty. Gain on the warranty but lose on the servicing.
  7. Just looking at the Rav on the Toyota website and I see the old intervals remain. Every 10k. I know long term it's better for the engine but their german competitors have much longer intervals. I wonder if the bmw engines will be 10k intervals?
  8. Plutus

    New Mot Rules

    Of course if removed you will not be insured as it is illegal.
  9. Plutus

    New Mot Rules So, if you have removed your DPF you may have a problem.
  10. Yes no doubt will be a few teething problems to sort out initially.
  11. ZF auto box and the mpg of an X3 would be useful.
  12. I hope that is a joke! No, read the blurb, it's half way down the main body of text.
  13. Toyota have designed the DMF though............
  14. Another way to value it is to look at webuyanycar.con and add 20%.
  15. Plutus


    Yep xenons, spare wheel and heated windscreen washers all missing off the 4.4. Xenons are available in some other European countries (premier spec). Must say blue oval is a tempting proposition. Not sure what the dealers are like.