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  1. Happy Birthday Adubb!

  2. Hey everyone! What's up? Been a while since i've been here! I just thought I'd say hey, and I cant remember if I told you or not, but I traded in my paseo for a 03 civic si. OH! and remember how I was doing some custom molding and fiberglassing to the paseo before I traded her? well.. i have some pics! anyway, Just thought i'd say hi, and see what yall have been up to! so i'll cya later. http://www.we-todd-did-racing.com/wetoddim...zMXk1NDE%3D.jpg http://www.we-todd-did-racing.com/wetoddim...zMXk1NDE%3D.jpg http://www.we-todd-did-racing.com/wetoddim...zMXk1NDE%3D.jpg
  3. but i must say.. my civic stock owns my old paseo in it's best day... :arrgg-matey:
  4. I'd say the best thing you can do is trade it in.. and get something w/ some potential.. or keep it stock.. and just drive it.. and save ur money for somethin else.. I put well over 6000 in my paseo.. and paid 3300 for it 3 years ago.. when i traded it in.. i got 3100 for it.. if i had that 6000 back.. i'd be MUCH happier! but.. no matter what i say wont change ur mind.. so if you do decide to keep the paseo.. I'd say do everything PERFECT!! not just half *****! Also.. Dont get the short ram intake.. if ur into customizing get a AEM COLD AIR INTAKE system w/ a bypass valve for a honda accord.. and then make it fit.. also w/ the exhaust.. get a header from hotshot.. and get either a.) a local shop to make a downpipe and get an aftermarket muffler, or b.) find a place online that sells downpipes and catbacks and all that shizzzy.. but i'm tellin ya.. w/ a car like the paseo.. it's A HELL OF ALOT cheaper to make it look fast, then to make it fast.. ya understand what I'm sayin? Sorry.. I'm in sort of a downer mood cuz i found out 2 days ago that my rim is cracked, and that i need new rims.. :ffs: oh well.. but if i can help you w/ anything.. hit me up on AIM/ AOL.. my SN is Adubb264 cya
  5. What's the dif. between michael jackson and a grocerie (sp.) bag? One's made out of plastic is not safe around kids.. and one's for holdin groceries... :P
  6. hey mellow.. those rims you have for urs.. .KEEP EM! They are !Removed! on ur car! :o I REALLY like the look of ur car w/ ur rims.. and of course they look !Removed! on that other car too! Those 16's that u put on ur car look like hell m8.. sorry to say.. but they look stock or something.. :arrgg-matey: but anyway.. I was thinkin that u got a new car? and that's ur sis' car? maybe i'm wrong.. anyway.. keep up that **** bro! Good luck! Adubb :cacker:
  7. nvm.. got em.. thanks anyways.. yall can delete this topic now.. ciao!
  8. Hey.. does anyone have pictures of oli paseo's rear end of his car? I need them! PLEASE!!!
  9. Anyone wanna buy my mom and dad's 1965 mercedez benz convertible??? It's a beaut! a classic as well!! http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAP...item=2429837402
  10. It's in the states?? If so, where is it? and how much? and also.. would u take a trade for my paseo????
  11. what you should do to beef up ur paseo? drop a 4age engine in it.. turbo it.. and walla! :D
  12. all u need is a nipple.. bwahahahaha! :D
  13. well.. I'm glad SOMEONE liked em.. :cacker:
  14. hmm ok... so do women have men nipples then? are !Removed! an opposit to a !Removed!? (ohh ohh.. !Removed! as a keyword.. gimme gimmee google hits) also someone mentioned that we would look weird without nipples... but if we did not have nipples in the beginning would we still look weird? uhh.. i cant think straight anymore..
  15. :cacker: Ahh hell.. well i used to be able to answer that for u.. but i can really remember right now.. but it has something to do w/ while we're in the womb, everyone starts out w/ the same amount of chromosones , in which everyone has the same body parts to begin w/.. then they start spliting and.. ahh hell. .i dont remember.. somethin along those lines..
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