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    Hello everyone, i drive Stock corolla 93 with 4afe engine. can you tell me whether i can install a fuel regulator and if i do when whether i will need a high flow injector or not? and is high high flow injector for my engine available in market? thanks
  2. Hey everyone, i drive Corolla 93 with 4AFE engine. i am thinking to put some performance parts in it and my first choise is for now is plug wiring and injector. so can you help me out which one should i get for my car? thanks atish
  3. there is a auto switch of ur engine fan, check it....it might be broken.....it can easily happen and very easy to instal.
  4. thanks man...i didnt know i have to buy all those things for this conversion....its a real help........i guess i have to change my engine then....soon...............thank you very much
  5. but if u instal 4age then u need to change the wiring, controller box and whole lot other stuff?
  6. i was thinking of buying a super charger for my car, it has 4afe engine...is it possible to instal charger in that engine? if it is possible then is there any specific charger that should go for? lastly do i need to add anything to instal the charger? please guys help me out. thanks
  7. hey guys i installed a mashroom air filter in my car for the first time.......and in my country they dont sell cleaning kit.......so i was just wondering that anyone can help me out to clean my air filter without the kit.....thanks.
  8. 4afte......thanks.......it was very helpful
  9. hey which spurk plug is better for the performance and acceleration? iridium or platinum? or is there other plaug should i go for..i have a AE101 with 4AFE engine...thanks
  10. hey guys i just bought a new engine for my car......now guys help me out to modify the engine to boost the hp. please
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