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  1. got it done 200quid inc a oil change i wanted. but inow sold it. it was turning into a promlem. letters about dodgy airbags from 18 months ago but no fix, just leters, sticky throttle fixed under recall. stuck window switches, missed by service for recall. toyotas are not what they were...dont think i will be returning to the brand. returned to skoda again, car of the year 2016 as well lol. Gaydon this Sunday for the owners club too :-)
  2. My osr bearing had gone loud too. jacked it up and could hear it. no play on it tho. i had a garage change it for me £200 all (inc extra oil filter change) car is 07 reg, done 30k. my prior avensis done 140k on its originals. not best pleased with this era now. recalls for go pedal fault. recall for windw switches, recall pending on airbags.........
  3. my 98 1.6 appears to be still original too. So far, still going stroln @148k miles :-)
  4. 1100 u mean lol. Could be any number of reasons. Mine did on my 1.6. then noticed temp not as high. thermostat replaced. job done :-)
  5. my 1999 saloon used to leak water, but only when driven in rain. i found it to be a vent on the offside rear under trim. i poke and prodded it and it was loose, then fell off into bumper recess and wedged. I covered the 2"by4" hole with gaffa tape nearly 3 years ago and still hanging on :-) . It was road spray splashing up arch etc...
  6. I thingk you are just hearing a relay chattering due to bad connection. the relay has a much faster responce time than the starter motor. Hence you hear it. Does sound like the switch again.
  7. I put a 'starter button' on mine. It may be ok at the moment, but if i were u , i'd do something now before the cold weather sets in and it leaves u stranded. be prepared is the motto :-)
  8. I have a 1999 V reg 1.6se saloon. Had it 3 years now, and the 3 mots i have had done, its passed. Really pleased with it. It has nearly 140k miles on the clock. Not got the emmission sheet to hand, but all i can say is that its always scraped the 1st test, and the second test it is fine with. Tester says its a bit slower than normal to fall back to idle rpm. My avg mpg is 46mpg. Would like to know what generally kills these older avensis models off, so I can try and increase lifetime.......
  9. pull off the black rubber circular cover(3inch diameter( , unplug the connector off bulb. unclip spring retainer. note how bulb sits, and pull out bulb. insert new bulb not touching the glass. make sure it sits flat with the tab up top. ( i didnt and wondered y my aim was ****.) put spring clip back over. plug bulb in. test. pop rubber cap back on. close bonnet :-)
  10. my local skoda dealer told me they use the same oil on their 1.6/1.8 and the 1.9tdi's that i had on of.
  11. I too put a hidden start switch :-)
  12. the indicator lights only flash if the option alarm is fitted. cant comment on the dash light.
  13. It could be the ignition switch worn. Common problem on the Avensis. Around £55 from the dealer and about half an hour to fit. There is a how to on here somewhere. I put a hidden push 'start' switch in my car :-)
  14. Dont tappets on the older engine of my cars, a a+ enging in a 1985 maestro and a 89 fiesta, both easy to do, rocker cover off, and tooled needed for both cars was the feelers, a 10mm ring spanner and a 5mm flathead screwdriver, o and a trolly jack. Putting the car in 4th gear and jacking up a drive wheel to turn the engine was a well useful tip i learnt :-) I now have a 1999 1.6 avensis se saloon :-)