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  1. Tim T

    Poor Mpg

    I too have the 2010 2l. I achieve slightly better for day to day driving (35mpg?) and upto 45 with really careful motorway driving. I find any cruising at 60+ has a substantial impact. Having had this since new after a 2006 TSpirit 2.2l I was disappointed that is for sure. I would say I lost 10mpg. Maybe the extra weight of the panoramic roof and the spare tyre I added I part of the issue? I too have a number of journeys I have put into excel for both cars. I see little difference in where I buy the fuel but I nicer have tried the premium brands. Happy to share my excel file if it helps anyone - not got it to hand currently so th figures above are off memory. Finally i find the fuel guage itself poor underreporting tank level / range left by 50-100 miles (upto 20%!) but one positive point - I agree the mpg gauge I fairly accurate unlike my 06 Verso.
  2. Few years back I bought mine from the main dealer - some extortionate price as I remember it too. Tim
  3. I have had a 2010 Verso T Spirit from new with the Thule aero bars, foot pack etc. Firstly I have used this arrangement without issue. Around a year ago there was a factory recall to check the firmest of the panoramic roof and again no issue so I hope to be pretty confident there has been no significant issues. What I would say is following the Thule instructions leads to the two bars being quite closely placed. One around the rear of the glass whilst ideally I would have it a bit further back. I am typically carrying boats and kayaks upto the maximum recommended weight. The arrangement has served me well, you too I'm sure. What I will finally say is remember even with the glass the car must retain structural integrity for crash tests etc.
  4. Two thoughts: 1) If you go for the permenant live feed option the only one I have found is near the drivers door, behind the panel at the end of the dash (again a search on the forums should get you better instructions) but mine is 4 in September and I have lived with the issue since 2006 when she was born. 2) As well as fitting an FM transmitter using a 3.5mm jack splitter in the rear of the DVD I most often plug my ipod directly into the RGB sockets in the centre console (with a video out ccable) and use the FM transmitter plugged into this for all around sound - stays playing if we stop and it is easy to hit the monitor power on as required.
  5. In my 2006 TSpirit I lost power to both - fuse was located behind glovebox (open, push in the two sides and when it drops release the damper on theleft side to finally be able to remove. From there it should be labeld / as per the owners manual. Both my spade fuses had blown although I don't remember specifically shorting / ovrrloading either. Hope it helps
  6. My company car has come up for renewal - looking for any advice from anyone making a similar switch... I currently have a 2006 2.2 D4D TSpirit which is perfect. I could look to buy but the car although only 50k on the clock has seen some significant wear and tear on the interior which won’t be reflected in the price I pay. If I renew I would be looking at the new 2.0 D4D TSpirit however after a brief look at the dealers I am initially concerned with: • Interior Refinement – Lack of DVD players, slightly cheaper look in places. • Dials moved to centre of dash. • Lesser engine Generally it feels like I am taking a downgrade – any thoughts from those who have made the move or should I just bin the company car take the cash and buy my own pre 2009 model Verso? I’ll be back at the dealers this week and will try to organise a test drive so anything specific to look out for would be appreciated.
  7. I too am attempting to fit a CK-7W bluetooth Nokia kit to an Auris (2009 model) but having got the stereo out with the help of other posts. Can anyone help confirm if there is a mute wire and which one. This post suggests what turns out to be the permanent live feed in my unit (a W13830). The AIM instructions and Google haven't yielded much else either. Thanks, Tim.
  8. Similar but different dilemma myself today with the Auris. Went shopping for a 1.33 Yaris to replace our second car, a 1.2 2002 Punto (for which we were planning the minimum £2k part ex). Ended up being drawn to a 1.33 Auris (ex Demo, Oct 09 reg, 6k on the clock) for all in all less cash. Handles much better and very comparable performance to our punto for a larger car. Will be £30 more tax and similar increase on insurance. Would have loved to have gone for the 1.6 petrol (they had a pre reg too) but just can’t make that pay. Took both out for 15mins or so and the main performance difference is around 70 where the higher revs of the 1.33 could drive you mad after a few hundred motorway miles. Certainly compared our other car, a 2.2 Diesel Verso!! Long and short of all that if you can consider a 1.6 petrol it is worth looking at too. I certainly didn't feel I was losing out on these being pre facelift versions either, I also took out a 1.6 facelift version. They must have loved me...
  9. Hoping someone else has already come across this before I waste a day at the dealership... The last week or so it would seem both rear door sensors have stopped working. Interior light doesn't stay on while these are open, car relocks if one of the front doors isn't opened etc. If it was just one I would have thought a broken sensor but both?! Wiring issue? Any thoughts or simple investigations would be very much appreciated.
  10. Funny enough I found the same on the floor of my '06 T Spirit (presumed to have come from nearside middle row seat) a couple of months back. I left it with garage when it was last serviced who claimed to have replaced (but I am somewhat suspicious as if they did it didn't take very long ). Never noticed any issues since though - sorry not much help - suggest you take now while still under warranty. Tim
  11. Has anyone confirmed is this is the case - this is pre wired and 'ready to go'? Tim
  12. Need to be careful here - my 2006 Verso states this is a 'feature' for use with child restraints. For 16 months I has been cursing this too until I saw the notes (stitched at the bottom of the seat belt straps and in the manual) and started using it properly. The belts when pulled to thier full extent start locking on a ratchet type system until they are nearly fully retracted. This is alright now my daughter is in a forward facing seat as I have to move this fairly infrequently however was a real pain when she was in the rear facing carrier - hope this helps explain. Now for my dilema: Can a child seat be used in the 3rd row - no specific mention in the manual except as the feature above is not fitted to the rear belts I need to use a 'locking clip' instead.
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