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  1. Why on earth would you fit a towbar that didn't match/exceed the vehicle's noseweight limit, 80kg in our case??, especially with the current manufacturers fad for front heavy vans. Mine has a PCT detachable as it has a spare wheel, they are guaranteed to match the vehicle's limits. http://www.pctautomotive.com/catalogue-retail/towbars-retail.html
  2. Mine broke the same, I used black silicone gasket on mine,it's still there 3-4 years later but will come off with no damage if need be.
  3. Getting a bit worried now, was towing the caravan back yesterday from a Xmas break in Dorset and on the M40 around the Warwick area when I saw a family on the embankment and a broken down 4.2 Rav on the hard shoulder. Felt so sorry for them and just guessing it was probabbly one of the known 4.2 faults, DMF or whatever and that we were OK in our 4.3.. Then bugger me about 3 or 4 miles further on there was an 06 plate 4.3 broken down on the hard shoulder with the bonnet up and occupants on the embankment. overheating, head gone??? Don't think I've ever seen a Rav at the side of the road before but 2 in just a few miles gives you food for thought when you've got another 100 miles of towing to go. Mine hasn't been a problem.... yet , but it makes you wonder when not if it's going to fail, love it to bits but seriously thinking about a change as the 7 year limit looms.
  4. Agree, mine had similar damage last year, cost £140 for the repair at a local bodyshop and looks perfect again, did have to get a new replacement rear fog light that also broke though from Kingo.
  5. I'll join the elite group - 07 XT4 from new , no major problems yet, usually supermarket fuel, EGR cleaned every few months, only got 35,000 on it though, around 10,000 of them towing a 1500kg caravan and the rest mainly as the wifes shopping trolley.
  6. When my brake switch was playing up intermittently I got Check Brake System, ABS and VSC . Bridging the OBD pins gave the codes ABS 49 VSC 43 P/S 41 Used a reader later and got and got two fault codes C1249 - Open circuit brake pedal switch and C1223 - ABS sensor fault, that one obviously being caused by the intermittent duff brake switch. Fitted a new switch and no further problems. Myself and others have used aftermarket cheaper switches with no problems, OE ones aren't that good anyway judging by the amount that have gone wrong.
  7. You need to know exactly what the light is, the tester has to identify what the light is for. Whats a High Speed Exhaust sensor, an O2 sensor?? They can fail now on warning lamps for braking-ABS, ESC etc or seatbelt/airbag along with the main beam and indicator tell tales that also have to work correctly but as said other engine management ones are in the pipeline; Good advice above to get it checked and hopefully sorted before you buy.
  8. I did my fronts a while ago with Mintex pads and discs, quick easy job and they are still looking fine, unlike the originals that did around 12000 miles before pulsing because of bad corrosion areas on the braking swept surface. Wasn't the concensus that OE are mismatched pads and discs ??
  9. Its just a simple switch on the pedal bracket similar to the brake one. At a push you can get down to check it if you're a contorsionist, easier and just a couple of minutes job to remove the small lower dash trim to give much better access.
  10. No doubt the idle was because of the battery being disconnected, the electronics reset themselves and "relearn" from the ECU. If the CD it was left on when they were messing with the batteries I'd pull it's fuse, leave it a few minutes then put the fuse back and leave it a while to sort itself out to see if that works, you will have lost the buttons memory no doubt but not a biggie to retune them.
  11. Been towing a 1500kg Elddis with mine for 6 years from new, superb tower. PCT detachable towbar fitted by Towtal with twin N and S sockets. Not had a problem electrics wise at all. When you tried your mates with an adaptor did you use both the N and S plugs to check it out? the S shouldn't have a bearing on it but with electrickery you never know, the 13 pin is new as you say but that's not to say it hasn't got a fault/short in it.
  12. I don't quite understand what you're after never heard of pulling weight of wheels before, but your Rav has a max towing limit of 1500kg , I would have thought you'd already got this so you know if it's suitable for your van. Bearing in mind that's the maximum tested tow weight and you should be more concerned with the weight of your car compared to the van. It's easy enough to find the max permissable Gross Vehicle Weight / MAM (max authorised mass.) of your car from the information plate that's usually on the inside of a front door frame and any wheels fitted should be capable of supporting that weight, I haven't got a clue what pulling weight might refer to.
  13. Bezzer

    Egr Blanking

    Don't think it's particularly because it's a DCat, my D4D (no DPF) has been the same as good as nil reading on it's past 3 MOTs. Tester said he doesn't know why he bothers with modern diesels as they're always well low.
  14. Ta for the replies, I just found it strange that the handbook as far as I could see makes no mention of specs and the original battery has no markings at all, I was just trying to make sure I wasn't palmed off with something under the OE ratings. Bought a Varta G7 95ah 830cca and fitted it today it's the same measurements as the OE one and so fits in the protective casing snugly.
  15. Has anyone got the specs of the battery for a 2007 2.2 D4d please?? . The original one is starting to play up and needs replacing but I'm buggered if I can find the ratings in the handbook and the battery itself (FB Hi-Dash make) doesn't have it printed or stamped on either that I can find. ;)
  16. ....and sit down before you order the new light unit, similar happened to mine last year, it costs £80 odd and that's from Kingo. You won't find aftermarket ones. edit.... forget that ,just realised mine was the one on the lower corner of the bumper but I bet the price is similar.
  17. Bezzer


    I thought something like that but it is really secure as if no retaining clips are missing/broken, I'll have to ask the organ grinder not the monkey when it goes back in.
  18. Bezzer


    Took mine in for the suspension and drivers window master switch recalls today. They sorted the suspension bar bolts but said they needed a part for the switch?? Thought the switch was just a check, clean up and the correct lubricant or whatever applied. Service receptionist didn't know what part it was and they'd give me a ring when they'd got it. Just curious if anyone else has had it done and been told what it might be, the switches still work fine and is solid in the armrest so they haven't broken the actual switch by the looks and it was booked in 10-12 days beforehand.
  19. I tow a 1500kg van and always keep close to the recommended max noseweight (80kg for the 4.3 dunno what the 4.2 is) . I've done so on the original standard springs for the past 5 years with no issues. If your springs are in good order and you keep within the cars noseweight limit there shouldn't be a problem. Saying that if I had to I'd use uprated springs not assisters.
  20. Maybe but Check VSC, ABS and Brakes can also be the brakelight switch. http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=136908&st=0
  21. Bezzer

    Warning Lights

    I had the same problem, brake lights worked but replacing the switch cured the warning light problem, must have been intermittment. When you find the fault codes see if they are the same as mine http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=136908&st=0 switch is easy to get at and replace.
  22. You want http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=117265 and on Anchormans post there is a PDF link to the "official" explanantion. I've also seen a very good resume from Don on it but can't remember what the post was.
  23. I've had no problem with the standard Geolanders, live in the Staffordshire Moorlands and snow has never been a problem for them. Even towed a 1500kg caravan through the estate when I was coming home the Xmas before last in 5"-6" of hard snow and it never gave cause for concern even on the inclines. Impressed enough to have replaced them like for like last year.
  24. I'm glad I had mine done for me when I had the towbar fitted looking at that PDF . I'm surprised they only fitted a 12n to a new motor though, thought they'd all gone to the 13 pin as standard new car fitment nowadays, lot better design. Less work and cheaper for the dealer I suppose.
  25. Exactly what I do, saves faffing and farting about trying to get it spot on still hitched. A Vauxhall Insignia came on the next pitch to us last time out and burnt his clutch trying to get it parked right. It stank for the next 3 days every time he used the car, but was behaving OK, don't know how much clutch plate damage you do when this happens, how much it must shorten its life.
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