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  1. Happy Birthday Aimee!

  2. well thats stupid really
  3. mine was £97 for screen wash n oil change. rip off... buy the oil & filters urself n do it.. will take about half an hour n cost u about £30 tops.
  4. they dont play mp3 cd's :(
  5. and now anyone trying to sell their aygo will lose out on thousands of pounds worth due to the new scrappage system... me & my mate worked out you can buy a brand new platinum for £5500. :( bad times.
  6. toyota are jus 110% con artists... sod the warrenty n full service history.. my car will be having its second service in approx 4k miles time.. and she will be taken to a mates garage. I trust him 110%, whereas toyota are cheating lying **** for selling me this heap of sh*t in the first place... nevermind not fixing problems THREE times. mines going in to have bits chopped off/added soon so she looks mean :)
  7. Aimee

    Alloy Wheels

    noooo dont do it!!! its all about contrast... if you have a dark car have something silver etc thatll show the bodywork up better :) and the same if u have a light car ie: white... they look awesome with black wheels! IMO if you're gonna spend a few hundred quid on some new wheels... u want people to notice them!
  8. know that feeling, at 12.5k miles, my clutch is going :( also need 2 new tyres... wtf is THAT all about?? seriously considering selling mine n getting something non-toyota!
  9. you can do it afew ways: 1) have the kit delivered, fit it yourself & prep all the bodywork, then take it to a professional bodyshop to have it sprayed. this way is more cost effective but i wouldnt suggest doing it if you havent got a clue, as the outcome will only look !Removed!! 2) have the kit delivered, take the whole thing to a local bodyshop & get them to fit/prep/respray the car. this way is more expensive & you can expect to be without your car for at least 2 weeks depending on the work. cheap replicas are just that. cheap and nasty. pay up if you want your motor to look awesome :) as for bodyshops down your way, not a clue hun! sorry!
  10. but would you rather drive a car from a more respectable manufacturer? its abit like the kia Ceed n Vauxhall astra! know which one i'd rather have! plus toyota came up with the idea first.. and the trims/extra's are alot nicer than that of the c1's & 107's... cheaper too! win win all round :D
  11. Aimee

    More Problems

    i dont drive irratically :S i speed up to 70-80mph on the motorway, so god knows how they have worn :( it should be under warrenty, and being this the second time the car has been in to have the seat looked at, you think they'd do something about it! next time im buying a honda :|
  12. Aimee

    More Problems

    upon hoovering the car today... the passenger seat frame has just been CAKED in grease... which hasnt even touched the squeeking noise... no new frame for me! the boot too has been caked in grease, which was obviously a quick fix for my leak. i can pick up tyres dirt cheap as my friend gets them at trade for me, so thats not an issue. Im sure i could get screen wash & oil for around the £10 mark. Red Yaris - if they had washed my car, they mustve took it for a spin afterwards as the back was still covered in spray from the roads :(