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  1. Can anyone out there give some help - surely this is an easy job - just want some tips and advice on the best way to do it
  2. Can anyone give a step by step guide to changing the headlight bulb on my Avensis - headlight is the one beside the battery .
  3. My heat deflector shield above the exhaust towards the rear of the car has rusted off on my 99 Avensis 1.8 7afe engine - is it necessary to repace this or can i get away without replacing it?
  4. Is it possible to reach the multi plug to disconnect it , by taking off just some of the screws, without having to take the whole door panel off - not keen to have to do this.
  5. Can anyone give advice on how to replace wing mirror (passenger side)- electric type - not heated - unit on a '99 Avensis. Need help with easiest way of accessing the electical connector so I can remove the whole unit.
  6. Can anyone advise me whether or not the replacement of the arm is a straightforward job to do. The arm was broken off in a car wash. Toyota dealership are quoting me £35 + vat labour for doing this. Also there is a a little cover for the end of the arm - is this a separate part - or bought with the arm.
  7. Can anyone tell me where the oil pressure sensor/switch is located on my 1999 Avensis 1.8 SE petrol (7AFE ENGINE)? My oil pressure warning light is coming on at idle when car is warmed up but goes out when I accelerate and I am travelling normally. Dipstick shows oil level fine. Can I drive ok like this? Any help as to the cause would be much appreciated.
  8. I have a 1.8 Avensis SE 1999 hatchback and have minor damaged the outer rim of one of the alloys in a pothole and at the same time punctured the tyre. Is it possible to get a repair done on an alloy? Where can I obtain the type and number of the alloy for reordering purposes if this is necessary and can this be done independently rather than through Toyota. In the inner part of the alloy is stamped UGER 6 1/2 x 15 H2. Tyre size is 195/60 R15 88H. Can anyone help?
  9. Friend at work has recommended Vredestein as being an excellent tyre for wear and long life. Has anyone any good or bad experiences they can share?
  10. Can anyone suggest a good long life all season tyre for my 1997 1.8 Carina E . Pirelli P4000 175-70-14's,on the vehicle at present, have worn down very quickly and I am looking for some guidance on reasonably priced replacements. Driving is mainly town based.
  11. I'm about to carry out an oil change on a '99 Avensis 1.8 7A-FE engine. Is Castrol GTX 10w or 15w-40 or10w-30 ok to use or should I be using the more expensive Magnatec semi synthetic or synthetic? I'm really looking for good advice on what any members have used successfully in their own cars with a similar engine. Thank You
  12. Thanks Stuart but Tesco are quoting me £680 agaist a best quote of £647 at present with Norwich Union. (this is for max. no claims discount protected,comprehensive).Can anyone else help with a company they think might be worth trying?
  13. It is 6 years old/covering 10000 miles a year/Glasgow area/ no modifications/myself (with 5+years protected no claims)and son aged 23 with clean full licence for just over a year to drive. Hope this is of use.
  14. Having just recently purchased a R reg. 1.8 GS Carina E I would be interested in getting suggestions of Insurance companies that members have found give a good deal on insurance. Thank You