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  1. does any1 know where i can find a set of angel eye and lexus lights for a 1996 corolla hatchback thanks
  2. corolla17


    ryt ppl what exhaust system will fit onto my 95 corolla sportif thanx
  3. corolla17

    Angel Eye

    hi does any1 know where i could get a set of angel eye headlights for a 1995 corolla tryed ebay and various other sites but av had no luck
  4. well how much would it cost roughly for a complete transfer
  5. hiya will a turbo frm a glanza fit onto a 4afe engine thanx
  6. hi evry1 if i was to put a 2L mr2 engine into my 1995 corolla sportif wot other modificastions would i need to do to get it road worthy thanx stefan
  7. corolla17


    thats brilliant cheers av u any idea where i cud get the rear bumper from
  8. corolla17


    ryt ive been luckin 4 a bodykit for my 1995 sportif and i found one but it says that it is for a 93-97 corolla and the picture that it is on is one with a boot whereas mine is a 5 door hatch soi woz justwondering weva this kit will fit my car. thanx in advance
  9. corolla17

    Body Kit

    hi ive got da same rolla as u and i woz just wonderin ow much did u spend on da body work when u were finished
  10. corolla17

    Body Kit

    hi guys and galls i was wonderin weva i cud get a body kit for my 95 sportif as i av been lookin 4 1 4 a wile iv tried ebay and many more websites and hav ad no luk thanx in advance
  11. hi ppl is ther any kind of power upgrade available for the 4a-fe engine thanx h
  12. hi thanks 4 the info but what wud i need all together to complete the transplant. e.g. manifold gear box etc.
  13. hi guys is it possible to put a bigger engine (1.8-2.0l) into a 95 corolla sportif as it has only got a 1.3 and is embarisen me on the race scene. thanx in advance
  14. There not the best tbh mate but its hard to make on worse than the standard system. So it'l most likely be a improvment over the standard/ thanxs is there any1 betta