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  1. Happy Birthday Razor_Rage!

  2. hi there i see you posted this a while ago did you manage to sort the problem out as i have the same thing happening to mine , if so what was the cause ? cheers Hey havent checked this in ages. yeah the low oil sensor was faulty, a common problem on the 3S-GE, just disconnected the plug in the sump and now i just check the oil level on the oil dip stick.
  3. Hey guys. just the other day while driving t work in my Rev5 N/A the amber oil light with a kind of water pattern under it lit up on my dash. i've checked the oil level in the car and it's fine. and the light only comes on when the engine has gotten to working temperature. i don't know what can eb the problem but i'm not driving the car for now if it's serious. do you guys have any suggestions what it could be? i feel lke if the sensor was faulty it would be on all the time and not only when the engine has worked up in temperature. any advice or thoughts are greatly appreciated!
  4. Thanks everyone!!! i havent been on much lately, had my liscense banned a month ago :( so no more MR2 driving for me for awhile :P
  5. yikes, didn't check the date on that one, it was just on the 2nd page on the forums, used to be alot more activity here then this when i was last here!!!
  6. First of all, thanks for the very warm welcoming back!! been working alot, and not really had much interest in car forums for a while, but i'm back on track! what happened to everyone then??? thanks mate! :) From what I have read ... more where pushed Is a good looking car though thanks mate! everything is fine, and yourself? been a long time since last spoke to you, how has everything worked out for you?? i wish i could, what date is it this year? if it's in July, i'll be on the other side of the world when it is, selling the 2 soon, and moving to Australia for 3 years... thanks mate! long time no see :) Linköping really isn't that far away, well, it is a bit of a drive, what airport do you land at?? maybe we could catch up for a pint or coffee or anything! catch me on msn mate and we'll see what we can do! i spoke to the new owner of your car on a swedish car forum some time ago, told him i knew the previous owner who did all the modifications to it :) he was extatic and wondered how i knew you hehe. speak to ya on MSN mate ;) get your **** online some day ;) thanks mate :) long time since last!
  7. Hey Jinxed, sorry to hear about your 2 :( i've lost a 2 aswell in the past and it hurts alot cause you get really attached to the damn thing. so i know how you feel. i was lucky and got good pay for it on insurance and went straight on and bought a Rev 5, couldn't think of anything else besides a 2 again at the moment. A word of advice, never take the first offer the insurance company gives you, haggle it a bit, it does pay off! (did for me at least) Hope all goes well for you mate. and that you're up on the roads in a nice car in a not too distant future :)
  8. Hi all you oldies! and any new members on here. has been a while since i was on here last! :D car now looks like this: How has everyone been!?
  9. Here's a couple of pics of my Rev 5 with 18's on. i didn't notice much in handling or comfort....and i'm running standard suspension. Rev 5 wheel dimensions: 18x7.5 all around tyre dimensions: 215/35/18 front 225/35/18 rear long tiem since i posted here!! hi again everyone :)
  10. Russ' car, the swedish ad: http://www.blocket.se/vi/9292739.htm?ca=23_10_s
  11. i gotta get over there sometime to one of all your meets, looks like you have a great time everytime, gotta get to one of Les's famous BBQ's! will have to time it with a trip to england sometime!
  12. i'm running mine on 18's with totally standard rev 5 suspension, i think it's just as comfy as when i ran the original 15's... how much pressure do you have in your tyres? ad what dimensions tyre and what width wheels?
  13. Yup.. I have.. and it's ****ing awesome :D i know, i've driven it :D
  14. I've met Russ Swift :D got his autograph at a big car show here in sweden when he was doing a show here. met him in the big halls where the cars were afterwards, chatted a bit and got his autograph. very cool guy, big sense of humour! :D seems like his son is going on he same route.