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  1. Hi all I'm currently waiting for the rac to tow me home as my clutch seems to have gone, think its the cable Anyone know roughly how much I can expect to pay for a new clutch fitted please? Nowhere is open to ring for a quote. I'm going to ring mr t in the morning so I want to know how much of a laugh im prepared to have at that :) Thanks in advance
  2. Hi Edwardio mate, long time no see! Thanks for the response mate. It was about 3mm below the minimum, so it still registered on the stick, I was just shocked at it! I high rev it once a week:when I get to drive it (the Mrs drives it in the week like Miss Daisy, covering just 4 miles all day.) I've topped up now mate, I went to a shop on the journey home from when I checked it. I couldn't find anything as decent as I put in it (I use Silkolene Pro S or Millers) just some stuff called "carlube" but it was 5w40 fully synthetic at least. Anyway it needed a litre to get it back up to level. It drove fine before, and drives fine now. Perhaps sounded slightly meatier since I topped up, although that may well be placebo. Hope I don't have any problems. I am getting it serviced next weekend after this fiasco. I just hope there aren't metal shards from the engine floating around in my oil or something makes me feel sick. I notice you've done your conversion now! Did you sell your 140 and get a 190 before you did the supercharging in the end or swap the 140 block out for a 190?
  3. Hi all, I havn't checked the 140's oil level for a while, and today I decided to, and it was below the minimum level on the dipstick Question is, does your Facelift 140 use much oil? I know some pre-facelift <02 plates had oil consumption issues, but my Civic naturally uses some oil you see, so wondered if it was an expected trait of the facelift Celica? I am also worried as to what damage may have been done to my car too :( although I'm not sure I want to hear the answer
  4. Hi all just thought i'd update this in case anyone was interested. I picked the car up from Toyota,they'd replaced the wheel hub and the car now drives like new (so i'm told by my wife). After I got my keys back I asked the guy behind the desk what this bit of metal was that was so badly corroded and he showed me a lightly surface rusted thin black disc which goes behind the brake disc as you look at it from the outside of the car. Its about 3mm thick, about a foot max in diameter??!?! this is what he wanted to charge me £264 for?! No way is it worth that, I'm pretty sure they tried to rip me off!
  5. Thanks very much for that explanation. I shall be asking them to demonstrate to me which part is perished and would have cost £256 or whatever they said. I only wish I could buy the part then take it to an independant garage, although it has been in to Toyota today. Thanks for that link though, I'll certainly use them in future for parts! If this part turns out that they just needed to clean it up etc, I'm tempted to go to Consumer Direct and write a very strong letter to Toyota HQ telling them how they tried to rip me off.
  6. the bearing isnt on the wheel , if only it were that simple , its behind the 5 studs the wheel fixes to im afraid. genuine toyota part at TCB retails at £149 inc vat thats the complete hub and bearing in 1 - fitting should be around £40 to £50 and its a straight forward job. http://www.onlineautomotive.co.uk/Products.aspx?CategoryID=55148 sells bearings for the gen 7 starting at £39.34- though i dont know your engine code and car year . this will require the old bearing pressed out and the new bearing pressed in , again not a massive job . they also sell the complete hub with bearing for £236 same one TCB are selling for £149 . the whole hub assembly is held in place by 4 bolts , then its just a case of placing the new assembly in position and bolting it back on ( 4 bolts ), the rear brakes will need to be taken off first also . the whole job should take no more than 1 hour , by a skilled mechanic. thanks for your reply. this is getting interesting, a decent garage near me quoted me £330 for the whole hub fitted, and Toyota agreed to match that price. I took it into Toyota this morning (simply because its nearer my house) I then get a call from Toyota saying I'm afraid we've found that the "housing around the wheel hub" has completely corroded, and they "wouldnt contemplate" replacing the hub with the housing in that condition. Toyota gave me 10 minutes to decide whether or not I wanted to go ahead with replacing the housing for £264, or else i'd miss the cut off point for ordering. I told him to leave it as I don't have an extra £264. What are your thoughts? Were they trying to fleece me?
  7. hi all, I've just been told my offside rear wheel bearing has gone, and that it's not possible to replace just the bearing, the whole hub has to be replaced @ £330. Can I just get a spare new wheel on ebay or is the wheel bearing in the car itsself and has to be replaced and I'll just have to fork out? thanks all.
  8. hi all, as per the title I have never had VVTi working since I've had my current Gen 7 and feel its time to sort it out. Just wondered if anyone had any thoughts, or know what the wires are supposed to look like when clean inside the MAF? I'm using this guide and thinking about buying this cleaner to help, if anyone has any thoughts on the guide or the cleaning solutions either I'd be really grateful to hear from you.
  9. HI all, I'm after this alloy, if someone has this alloy I may be willing to buy more than one. thanks.
  10. Hi all, I have These wheels and I'm after one of the centre pieces (the one with the picture of a car on it) does anyone reckon i'll be able to find them for sale anywhere?
  11. try fazzer on this forum he's ex Toyota mechanic and does them at decent rates.
  12. hi, can anyone confirm the battery required for a gen 7 key is a cr1616 please?
  13. after one of these wheels like on the above car to replace a damaged one please
  14. Original, and I've owned both. Prefer the bit of mesh behind the Toyota logo and dont much like the extra long air intake on the post-facelift. Still both stunning looking cars though.
  15. Hi, no there's no dash light. :( was hoping to be able to check all codes myself. Didn't know I could pay more and get a more detailed specific Toyota reader as another poster above has mentioned. http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=86003 I mean I dont get the boost in acceleration when I hit ~5500rpm like I used to on my old Gen 7. Oil, Plugs and Filters have all been recently changed.
  16. Hi, I've read through some previous threads on OBDII fault code readers for Gen 7s, but wondered if someone could please recommend me as a beginner to this a suitable compatible, cheap code reader for the Gen 7 please? I don't know the extra benefits a USB lead has over a hand held device just showing the fault codes, but also wonder if there are any pieces of software anyone recommends please? The reason I'm looking at these is because my VVTi doesn't work i.e. I dont get a boost in acceleration at higher revs, and would like to see if there's a fault code on this. cheers.
  17. oh right, thats interesting I never thought of a CB radio etc interfereing. My mrs' dad's CB used to cut off next door's sky when he pressed to talk lol. My car's worked since, without problems. I wonder whether it was something like that.
  18. Hi all, My gf had trouble locking the car earlier, she pressed the lock button on two different keys for the car, and it wouldnt lock. She then opened and closed the passenger door and it locked ok. Then when I got home I tried to unlock it (tried 2 keys) and putting the keys close to the bonnet, boot etc but no joy. Wouldnt unlock at all. I must have tried 50 times and it didn't unlock. Then I went out in my other car for about 20 mins, came back and tried it again and it unlocked first time. Has anyone got any idea what was going on please?
  19. is it older than 2002 mate? Ring Toyota and see if you're covered under their extended 7 year warranty.
  20. Hi all, After an alloy, with or without tyre, this one:
  21. Thanks very much for the offer its much appreciated. In the end I got 2 tyres fitted (Falken ze912s if anyones interested) and asked the guys at the tyre place if they knew of someone who they thought could replace the bulb. He told me to go to a local father and son garage i'd never heard of, I took it there on the off chance 20 mins before they were due to shut and he did it in about 5 mins and didn't want any money for it!! He made it look really simple, he seemed to yank off the rubber casing, pull the old bulb out with his bare hands and then used thin pliers somehow to coax the new bulb in place. It was the passenger side by the way. thanks again for the offer.
  22. If you are still stuck, and fancy a trip to Derby i can do it for you on evening! i've just tried it, and havn't got the foggiest - is that a serious offer?!!
  23. sorry forget the above I've just confirmed with Toyota they're H7s, and they want £50 to fit one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! going to have a bash with the assistance of this guide later : http://www.celicahobby.com/ubbthreads/show...amp;sb=2&o=
  24. Oh dear I need to replace my headlight bulb urgently. wonder whether to even ask Mr T!! Could someone confirm the headlight bulb model number on the Gen 7 please?
  25. really appreciate it madasafish thanks. >No cambelt but toothed rubber belt can wear. What do you mean sorry? does that mean it's got a chain instead of a belt like my old Micra had? If so what is the toothed rubber belt and where can that be found please? >Very reliable but tie bar rubbers give clonk if worn.. ABUSE is a BAD thing .. walk away. What does that mean as well sorry? Could you point out tie bar rubbers and is that how you'd judge if its been abused? thanks.
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