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  1. I can get a new 2.4 Camry for 18k that includes duty and VAT. i WOULD send photo if I new how to attach to this website. send me your e mail and i'll send pictures. - camrybf.JPG
  2. Try Dukes I'm dealing with them on trying to import the new Camry which is not available in Europe. DUKES INTERNATIONAL CO.LTD 492-1 Hiratani Kumano-cho Akigun Hiroshima ,JAPAN Mail : URL : EnglishURL: Tel : 81-82-855-4500 Fax :81-82-855-4501
  3. Chrism1966

    New Camry

    dOES ANYONE KNOW IF Toyota plan to sell Camry models in the UK again. The latest model looks great.
  4. I plan to import a new Camry 2.4G into the uk, direct from Japan. I need to know what I need to do, to get SVA approval. They have not sold the Camry in Europe since 2004.
  5. Is there plans to bring the new Camry to UK