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  1. So it does......the car can be googled by typing in RAV4 SR180 harpers Carlisle.
  2. My old Rav up for nearly 11k.....robbing gets One of the most expensive used ones I have seen It's at Harpers Carlisle
  3. 2015 (64) 330d Touring M-Sport Xdrive with Sport-plus pack.......in white
  4. No Peter...sorry it isn't.....its for the RAV Sr180 or T180 (not sure if suitable for other 180 engines like Avensis though?)
  5. Just a note to say that the SR180 will likely be gone this weekend. Been a great car, time for a change...unfortunately don't care much for the new model, so gone BMW. Got a 12 month old Lindop, tuning boxwhich I will be taking off....do I list it in the for sale section?? Anyhow...thanks everyone for all the advice over the years....luckily I never fell foul of any the issues with engines etc (smoke free), but I had my worries!
  6. Well....from the 28th Jan, my insurance now includes a power increase via tuning box! Will now have to get one sorted for then...would be interested for any going for sale or refurbed? Failing that....will have to go for new one...cant be hanging around once the insurance renews!!
  7. Insurance sorted now...now includes performance mod in the guise of a tuning box!! Just need to get one sorted before the new insurance starts on the 28th....vrooooom!!
  8. Just got quote from Post Office for our Fiat 500 and found that adding the modification of 'side stripe stickers' adds over £80/yr to premium!!!!!
  9. Too be honest.....AF (underwritten by Trinity Lane insurance) is half the premium of the next best quote that will allow me to have a tuning box....in fact it is £80 cheaper than best quote for our Fiat 500 TA!! Even excesses are total of £200. It is significantly lower than any quotes (without a tuning box) I got from all the comparison sites!!!! It is so low it sounds too good to be true? Its got me worried there maybe a catch (and is it the underwriter...hmmm?)
  10. Thanks for the replies....it does seem it will be better to phone them....need to put a bit of quiet time aside to do so. Out of interest...I got quite a good provisional quote from Adrian Flux online....before I call them to discuss....what are they like to deal with?
  11. Meant to say that comparison sites are throwing up some good prices for AA and Sheilas wheels (but without mentioning wheels or performance mods)
  12. Hi My insurance is due for renewal with Admiral and I am not happy with the price and the fact that they told me 6 month ago that they didn't allow the fitting of tuning boxes anymore (and I do still fancy one)! So...firstly, I am looking for any recommendations for companies that you know .do' allow you to fit them (and at what costs)? Secondly, it has been a while since I got rid of the dreaded BSRs and went to normal tyres on the same rims. When I did this, I explained to Admiral and they were alright with it, they don't even mention it on my policy docs as a modification. Now i am trawling through comparison sites and insurance companies for quotes, I keep coming up against the question of 'has your car been modified from standard spec?'. A couple of times I have ticked yes and put in a comment about how it is now running on standard wheels, just like the later Rav4 models. But, this then throws up problems with the quote!! Do I even still have to mention this at all? Is it really classed as a mod? Cheers Patrick
  13. My mot and service are due very soon...and I know my brake pads were advised on my last mot! Since I have a service plan I was thinking of asking them when I book it in to do the brakes, as I'm sure if the service plan gives you 10% off for parts and labour on any work carried out as a result of the service, it will then apply to brakes? Does it sound more appealing to use Toyota if they are giving 10% off?
  14. Thanks for all the replies. Think I wont bother then...suppose I've never had a desperate need for any in 3+years of ownership so far...
  15. Someone locally is selling a set of roof bars with the following description: Genuine Toyota Rav 4 (2006-present) roof bars. Aluminium with T-track that lock to the car, for Rav's without rails. He want's £70 for them....does that sound like a good deal? Don't have a urgent need for any...but wondered if it's worth having them just incase. What would be the model no of these?
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