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  1. thanks James! this is what I wanted to hear :) have a good evening
  2. Thanks a lot - I need all such details:) What u think about this 91k?
  3. This was a company's car, most mileage on the highways, my guy says it was well maintained, there was no damage to the car, new MOT, valeted, service history, dark blue, navigation, 1.8 Avensis GS 51 reg 2001... - £2500, guys do you think this is a reasonable price? for 91k miles? I am a bit afraid of the mileage and haven't seen the pictures yet, but I trust (reputable mechanic) the guy which was checking it... how does is sound to you guys? thanks for all the info, and maybe soon I will be a happy Toyota owner ;) cheers for all feedback Peter
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