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  1. The problem has been fixed for the time being by ripping the plastic guttering off and sticking some tape over the cracks. When the weather is not so cold and wet I will replace the tape with silicon, which should work better. As for Toyota, they appear to be able and unwilling to clarify what thier wording means in the 12 year body warranty. But basicly it would only appears to cover rusting from the inside to the outside, through the sheet metal panels and not where the panels are joined/welded, because, by Toyota's definition, it is not part of the bodywork!!! Therefore the roof guttering i
  2. There is water entering the boot of mine late 2002 1.8 Avensis hatch back. I started to notice that the rear boot window was misty sometime before getting into the car and the air con appeared not to be working as well. When checking the spare tyre I found water in the spare tyre well and in the tool well. After losening of some of the paneling I found water in both sides of the inner wings but could not see where it was tracking from. Also I found that the form attached to the inside bottom of the plastic trim that houses the drivers side rear passenger seatbelt was wet above the wheel arch.
  3. I have the same problem with mine but it is a 2002 1.8 Avensis hatchback. Originally there was not a misting problem but now even with the back window can sometimes be misted up before getting into the car. The problem is caused by water leaking into the boot, which looking at this website is not an uncommon problem with both new and older models. Look under your boot carpet and check for water around the spare tyre and in the inner wings (on mine the jack is stored on the right hand side under the carpet, in a little 'well', which has a small hole at the side to let the water in from the inne
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