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  1. I was just about to raise a post asking about the virtues (or otherwise) of the current Avensis and then I read yours. I'm absolutely horrified. Do I read you correctly - you have a current model Avensis with a squeaky steering rack? I bought a 10 month old Avensis Vermont 1.8 in February 2002. Whilst, on the one hand, it has been a superb car (comfortable, plenty of toys etc, fuel economy has been outstandingly good), it has also been the worst car I have ever owned. Previously had Vauhalls and prior to the Avensis a gas guzzling Mondeo automatic. Why is it the worst? Well, during the almost 6 years I have owned it, it has had three new steering racks and the current one still squeaks, input shaft bearing replaced in the gearbox, a new brake caliper (£405 for the part alone) and, on top of that, to my mind it burns oil like its going out of fashion although I must admit that, at a litre every 2,000 miles, mine is a lot better that some of the other horror stories on this forum. All the work mentioned above has been covered by warranty or extended warranty I'm glad to say. The car has now done just over 103,000 miles. These faults are such a shame because the car is such a joy otherwise. I really can't get my head around the oil consumption issue. I've rarely had to buy oil before except for oil changes. A colleague of mine owns a Honda Accord which has done 84,000 miles and has never needed a top up. Would I buy another Avensis? I'd like to but the jury is still well and truly out.
  2. Back in 2000 I had a Mondeo 1.8 Auto which averaged 28 mpg which is why I got rid of it in 2002 for an Avensis 1.8 (albeit a manual). That car has averaged almost 39mpg throughout the 6 years I've had it but on my current daily drive to and from work (Peterborough to Corby) it does anywhere between 42 and 44 mpg. The car's done 103,000 miles. My reaction to your problem is get it checked out. May be a sticking choke. I've noticed my revs staying higher for longer on the recent frosty mornings but still doing 40+ mpg. Does the car run OK otherwise? Is the idle rough? Could be something to do with the air flow metering. Hope this helps. Kind regards. Tony p.s. If all else fails, when you're next in Cardiff, go and have a couple of pints of Brains Dark and a couple of Clark's pies on the way home!!
  3. Not sure whether this is going to be bad news or not. Depends whether your car is out of guarantee or not. The problem lies with a rubber seal in the steering rack. This is a known problem. I'm just waiting for a third steering rack to be fitted to my 2001 Vermont. Good luck. Tony
  4. J1mbo. If you're planning to change from a Mondeo to an Avensis, make sure you make a note of where all the petrol stations are! I changed from a Mondeo 1.8LX to an Avensis Vermont in 2002. The Mondeo averaged 28 mpg and, with exactly the same type of driving (distance to work etc) the Avensis turned in around 38 mpg.. Avensis also far superior - lovely car but time for a change. Test drove a D4D T-Spirit the other day. Had it for 100 miles. Fuel consumption? 56.3 mpg. To me, Fords, whilst nice cars, are gas guzzlers. Kind regards Tony
  5. My 2001 Avensis Vermont 1.8 VVT-i has done 49,000 miles in my ownership during which time it has averaged just under 39 mpg. Total mileage is now 62,700. Topped up the oil earlier today with 300 ml which was the first top up since its 60,000 service 2,750 miles ago.
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    I drive a 2001 Avensis Vermont 1.8 VVT-i and am very pleased with the petrol consumption. It was a revelation after getting around 26 -27 mpg from my Mondeo. However, in the quest for greater economy, can anyone tell me if they have fitted the device available from CTech3000 (CTech3000.com) which is claimed to reduce consumption by at least 10% and, possibly up to 22%.
  7. I cannot believe that, in 2005, Toyota can't produce a steering rack that doesn't squeak. Mine squeaks when coming off full left lock. Car's history is as follows. Purchased 22/02/02 - 13,779 miles 07/08/03 - Squeaky steering rack replaced under warranty - 33,200 miles 10/03/04 - Squeaky steering rack replaced under warranty - 47,905 miles Currently waiting for a third steering rack. Current mileage is 62,700 but the rack has been squeaking since about 54,000. Incidentally, had to have an input shaft bearing replaced at 57,000 miles. Such a shame when I like the car so much. Fantastic fuel economy. On one occasion I drove 106 miles at 60 mph (or thereabouts) and got 52.6 mpg!! Car is a 2001 Vermont 1.8 VVT-i
  8. I drive a 1.8 Vermont manual that I've owned for 18 months. During that time the car has covered almost 20,000 miles at an average of 38 mpg. The worst I've had from a tankful is 33.6 and the best 48.4. However, a while ago I visited friends on the outskirts of London; filled the car up as we arrived and then for two days I was just driving very short journeys (just a couple of miles at a time) when I left for home the computer was only read 25 mpg. Hope that gives you some idea. If you want to know more I would be happy to send you an Excel spreadsheet in much greater detail. Regards Tony