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  1. I have an unused spacesaver fro a 2016 Avensis i would like to sell. UXBRIDGE
  2. Hi, can you tell me where you are located?
  3. What is the mileage of your car ? My 2016 2WW burns virtually no oil between services at 50K miles. 0.5L / K sounds excessive to me.
  4. I have a 2016 Avensis Tourer. 50k miles. No issues so far. Has a 5 year warranty, so maybe look for less than 5 years old.
  5. Check the battery with a voltmeter. Sometimes they have been on the shelf a long time before you purchase.
  6. Hi Rudi, The Yaw sensor is under the passenger seat (2005 T24 2.0 D4D). Its about the size of a matchbox. Its is NOT part of the ABS unit but does communicate with the ABS computer. I bought a used one from a vehicle dismantler for £35. Super expensive new (circa £800). I do not think it can be disabled. You might want to invest in an ODBII reader so you can check fault codes yourself but you must buy one that can communicate with auxiliary computers in the car like the ABS not just the main EMU. Is the battery OK ? Check terminal voltage is at least 13V and charge if necessary. Suggest you clear the faults and try again, dead YAW sensor will throw up an immediate fault.
  7. I had a 2005 2.0 D4D and now have a 2016 2.0 with the BMW engine. The new car is much nicer to drive, the engine is more smoother and more tractable. It drives much like a petrol engine. The old car had a very pronounced turbo surge and a was easy to stall. Fuel consumption is slightly worse on the new car.
  8. My EPB releases automatically if forward gear but not in reverse. Should it release automatically in reverse?
  9. Out of curiosity why did you need to remove the cam cover ? BTW I have a 2016 Excel too and a similar lack of trust over the standard of servicing and honesty of local Toyota dealer (West London).
  10. I agree it depends on how the car is used and how its looked after but I think he has been a bit unlucky. The decision about whether to sell it would for me depend on what I could find to replace it, sometimes the devil you know is better than the one you don't.
  11. I had zero problems with my Avensis until it was passed on to my son, Its now done about 205000. NSF wheel bearing went at about 170000. Clutch/flywheel at 185000. Both front springs at 190000. Engine is a 2.0D4D and so far is OK. So yeah to me 115K seems low mileage for a T25 Avensis.
  12. The other issues with flywheel, clutch and gearbox are not consistent with such a low mileage, do you think the car might have been clocked at some point in its life ?
  13. Have you checked the condition of discs and brake pads ? That's another possible suspect area.
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