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  1. forgot to say it is the 2009 facelift model gen 3
  2. just traded my 2.0 vvti auto t-spirit avensis for a 59 plate prius t-spirit with 16,000 miles on the clock from mr toyota.Does anyone know of any common faults with the prius or is there anything i need to be keeping a close eye on.
  3. I am lokking into doing a auto box transmission fluid change and after advise 1 what fluid I require and the price 2 The lacation of the drain plug on the transmission 3 the location of the refill point advise much appreciated
  4. I've been trying to find out who actually makes the oil for Asda .... wouldn't it be great if it was Mobil :) , no luck yet though.Pete. read some whare that comma got the contract for providing asda with their oils but can't remember where i saw this,so not sure if this is 100% true
  5. asda do a good quality fully synthetic oil for £20 5-30w.Ive had my car from 19000 miles,now done 60000 miles and change oil evry 6 month regardless of mileage.Engine still like new and does not use a drop betwween changes
  6. mine was doing the same ,kept sending it back to mr t and the fault kept re appearing.They said they replaced this while it was under warrenty but kept coming on.I am pretty sure they only cleared the fault and never replaced it while this was under warrenty.now they want to charge me for replacement as the warrenty as expired.Got a fault code reader and I now clear it myself about every 3 months.I keeps passing the mot so i think this may be a loose wire rather than a faulty sensor.
  7. pasherp

    02 Sensor

    Got a 2.0 litre vvti on a 2004 plate and engine management keeps coming on code p0136 bank 1 sensor 2. Can anyone tell me where this is located on the vehicle and tell me where i can get a replacement.
  8. its a 54 plate 2.0 litre vvti tspirit auto t4 top spec with all the toys
  9. having problems getting access to rear of main lights to change bulbs.Am I correct in saying the front bumper has to be removed in order to gain access to remove the headlight units. please advise,cheers
  10. mine 2.0 litre vvti auto t-spirit 35-37 on motorway at 75-80 mph 20 - 23 mpg around town
  11. pasherp

    Ecu Reset

    can anyone tell me how to reset my ecu,i have been told this can be done by taking the negative lead of the battery for 30 mins.I want to do this as the tick over has become very irratic and often stalls.My car is a 2.0 litre vvti auto with 50,000 on the clock from 2004
  12. Could anyone tell me if the 2.0litre engine (1AZ-FSE)on a 2004 1s a direct injection
  13. I own a 2.0 litre auto t-spirit avensis on a 04 plate,done 35000 miles and full service history. The problem is when the engine is warming up revs are at 600 rpm and engine is irratic until it gets up to normal running temp then you can suddenly see the revs pick up on the rev counter and hear the engine pick up.The engine sometimes stalls at junctions when temp is not up to normal running temp.Its had new fuel pump on and new fuel lines and regulary use injector cleaner. Anyone got any ideas what to check and how and have you had this fault?
  14. I own 2 litre t spirit auto on 04 plate.Only done 35000 from new and only had 1 previous owner. Consumption at 70mph on motorway only shows 35mpg ,never done any more than this since i have owned it for the past 4 years Consumtion around town has only ever shown between 20mpg and 23mpg.Come to a conclusion that this model is not built for economy but comfort. My previous car was a v6 2.5litre vectra and regula got 38 cruising at motorway speeds but was manual
  15. Tried them they just offer the single electrode not the tripple
  16. Did mine with the std discs but got mintex pads.stopping seems lot better than before as the pads are better than the origionals.Place in Wakefield that stock them and will send them out to you.a-z motorspares tel 01924369000
  17. Any avensis experts out there can tell me where i can get spark plugs for my 2.0 l vvt-i.The engine is a 1az-fse and in the hand book it states three-ground electrode iridium tipped denso sk20br11,for some reason i can only find the single-ground iridium tipped plugs for the 1az-fe engine.
  18. I have a 2.0 litre auto t-spirit auto on a 2004 plate with 40000 on the clock and when i pull up to a junction or stop the idle revs drop to around 500rpm and sometimes the engine stalls.Been told that the plugs dont require changing for another 20000 miles as they are the long life triple tipped irridium plugs .Can anyone point me in the right direction to what it may be.Vehicle gets serviced every six months regardles of miles using fully synthetic oil and air filter replacement.
  19. Can anyone tell me if Haynes have brought a repair manual out yet for my 2004 20l vvt-i avensis,or if anyone knows where i can download something the same from the tinter-web.
  20. got one of the avensis and checked the vin number and it is up for recall for the fuel lines.I had the vehicle in to Toyota last year due to petrol smelling inside of the vehicle at tickover when stood.They said that they could not find anything after having the car for over two days and now tickover is around the 500rpm mark and sometimes stalls.Can anyone tell me if this will cost me if the car is been recalled.
  21. Howdo Raver, Toyota had a repair or "field fix" for your inductiodn roar / vibration problem. Look under my previous posts on Avensis Forum, as I can't remember what I headed it under, probably "induction roar" itself. Mine was fixed dead easy at no charge with some sound deadening tape at the air intake hose, coming from the wheel arch apparently. Any probs let me know and I will look too. Big Kev. good look ill give you six months before you will have to take it in for engine management light,just like the rest of us
  22. Currently own a 2.0vvt-i auto t-spirit avensis ,chosen for the reliability and build.From owning the vehicle it has constantly been sent back to mr t for engine management light coming on every couple of months for the last 2 years.I got this with only 20000 miles on the clock with a full service toyota history and have now got to 34000 miles.This had one carefull owner ,an old boy in his 60s.I can,t believe how unreliable toyota are and having read the other posts on this forum it seems like toyota are making a mockery and a fortune out of people regarding engine management faults. My other previous vehicles include 2.5 litre vectra which i owned for 3 years and never had one problem with,a carlton 2.0litre cdx bought with 90000 miles on the clock and had it for four years and never had a problem with before it was stolen and burnt out after covering over 130000 miles. Why can,t toyota get it right ,this is so frustrating . I would love to hear your views. P.S dont buy a avensis you will be skint and dissapointed.Toyota must realise how avensis owners feel.
  23. Just wondreing if anyone has tried this product.It is meant to clean induction and fuel lines and at the same time clean the internal combustion parts of the engine claiming to lower immissions and give you more mpg and clear the cat.Supposed to be suitable for both petrol and diesel engines.Even claims to reduce engine management errors. www.cataclean.com
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